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Is it Possible to crack NEET without Coaching?

Yes! You can crack the NEET from home for sure without attending any coaching. It’s the hard work and the dedication that matters. Coaching is considered an essential part of  NEET, but the truth is that there are toppers who have gotten through the NEET examination by doing self-preparation.

Let’s get started!

Perfect Strategy for Cracking NEET from Home

01 - NEET Syllabus

02 - Schedule your Timetable

03 - Choose the best study materials

04 - Set Daily Targets

05 - Practice more MCQs

06 - Previous Year Question Paper

07 - Attend Mock Tests

08 - Daily Revision

NEET Syllabus


Being well informed is the foremost part of any planning. The idea of preparation can be planned only after having a piece of good knowledge of the syllabus. This is the first and most important part of planning your preparation.  

Prepare with Quality Study Materials


Referring to the best study material can gain you the best results. There are a lot of study materials available in the market and most of them claim that they are the best. Always choose the best and reliable self-study materials. Do a research before choosing

Create a Perfect Timetable


A timetable is an essential part of the NEET preparation. The timetable helps you to have a track of your preparation and you would be able to plan your studies ahead with the help of a timetable. Experts say that following an effective timetable for the NEET preparation can yield good results.

Set Daily targets


Setting targets and achieving them at the exact time planned can help you to cover the topics in the desired period. This will increase your confidence level and it’s a motivation factor that fuels your preparation. always set realistic targets or else the whole concept of setting targets will backfire.

Previous Year Question Paper


This is the best and most effective way to understand the pattern of examination as well as the syllabus. This helps you to cover each and every possible question that can be expected for the NEET examination. The previous year questions with proper explanation can be accessed from Basdia

Attend Mock Tests


Attending frequent mock tests helps you to analyze your performance as well as it improves the time management skill. A mock test can be used for finding the weakest areas so that you can work and strengthen them.

Basidia’s mock tests are exact replicas of real NEET examinations, with a rank predictor and detailed analysis.



Let it be any exam, the revision must be an integral part of your preparation because revision helps you to have a complete review of your preparation and thereby you can make required changes on your preparation method. The regular revision will help you to have deep roots in the topic.

By reading these many points, you might have understood the perfect strategy to crack NEET from home without coaching

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