How to Reduce Negative Marking in NEET ?

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Every year lakhs of students attend the NEET examination at different exam centres across the country


Here in this story, we will share with you the 7 steps to avoid negative marks in NEET 2022.

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Go Through the Question Paper Thoroughly

Be Confident but not Overconfident

No Guesses

Avoid Attending Doubtful Questions

Avoid Multiple Response

Don’t Stress Yourself







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Tips to reduce Negative Marking in NEET

Don't Waste Time


Reading question paper two or three times or going through it thoroughly can help you to get a better idea to deal with the NEET examination.

Go Through the Question Paper Thoroughly

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Being confident in the exam is a wonderful thing. but, don’t overdo it and become careless while answering questions.  It’s so common that some students become excessively pumped after going over the question paper, which can lead to silly errors and negative marks.

Be Confident but not Overconfident


If you are unsure about a NEET question, do not attempt it.  If you are stuck on a question that is taking up your time, skip it or try attending it at last.

Avoid Attending Doubtful Questions

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It is essential to read the NEET guidelines before sitting for the examination. Never choose two responses to a single question on the OMR sheet. If you do this, whether intentionally or unwittingly, the entire question will be disqualified and this will result in negative marking.

Avoid Multiple Response


You should not try your luck by answering questions you don’t know. You may feel that your answer sheet is incomplete and that you haven’t attempted many questions, but the best thing to do is to leave questions unanswered without taking a chance on them.

No Guesses


When a question paper is handed out to students in the exam hall, many of them become anxious about the questions they do not know. This will have an instant serious effect on those candidates, and they may lose attention, leading to a poor result.

Don’t Stress Yourself


Do not begin solving the paper by answering the most difficult questions. This will waste a lot of your time and cause a poor start.  You might not be able to finish your NEET-UG paper on time. As a result, all NEET candidates are advised not to waste their time.

Don’t Waste Time


It would be hard to avoid negative marks, but if you use the right way of answering you can avoid the negative marks.


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