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Disadvantages of Dropping a year for NEET

As with any other matter, dropping a year for NEET has its own pros and cons that needs to be discussed. Let us list out the cons below for you. Read it thoroughly and arrive at a wise decision.

Let’s get started!

6 Disadvantages of Dropping a year for NEET

01 - Losing a year 

02 - Losing a connection with friends

03 - The Pressure

04 - Focus and Time investment

05 - Parent’s Support

06 - Increase in the number of candidates

Losing a year


Taking one year drop for NEET preparation means you have to go through similar preparation and concepts for an extra year. Furthermore, this can be stressful as well

Losing your friends


Many of your friends would pass NEET. Even your friends who were preparing for with you might decide against dropping and  join a college or may join some other course. You’ll be cut off from most of them with time.

The Pressure


Taking a drop is not an easy task to handle. Repeating the same syllabus for one year more would make you feel so depressed and getting to know the fact that you are alone can cause more pressure

Focus & Time Investment


Focus and time investment are the two basic steps of NEET preparation. One year full you need to focus on your preparation procedure without any delays. Because of this, you might miss many activities around you

Parents Support


Maybe your parents might not understand the intention behind your decision and this might bring more difficulties to your head.

Increased competition


Increase in the number of applicants & Cut off every year is another disadvantage. The competition level increases and this will make it harder for candidates to get a good rank.

By reading these many points, you might have understood the problems you will be facing after taking the decision to drop a year. 

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