Work Energy and Power is a hot topic in Physics. This is a high-weightage chapter for the NEET examination, and it requires extensive preparation to become thoroughly acquainted with it. Here in this article, we are sharing the NEET video lectures of the topic Work, Energy, and Power, along with Summary notes, Previous year questions with detailed solutions.

Work Energy and Power


Work is said to be done when a specific amount of force is applied to an object that results in its movement. Work done in a specific time can be calculated by multiplying the force exerted during the object’s movement by the displacement caused by it. [ W = F × d ]. Joule (J) is the SI Unit of work


The ability of an object to do work is defined as its energy. The potential energy of an object is calculated using the following formula: P.E. = mgh. The SI unit of energy is Joules (J)


Power is simply the rate at which work is completed. The first and only formula for calculating power is P = W/t (W = work done t = time taken). The SI unit of power is Watt (W)

Work Done

The work done by a force is defined as the product of the force component in the displacement direction and the magnitude of the displacement. We can see that even if the force is large, there is no work done if there is no displacement. As a result, when you push hard against a rigid brick wall, the force you apply to the wall does nothing. However, your muscles alternately contract and relax, and your internal energy is depleted, causing you to become tired.

Potential Energy

Potential energy is the energy that a body possesses as a result of its position or configuration. Only conservative forces have potential energy defined. Non-conservative forces do not have access to it.

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Video Lectures

The first two sessions are conducted by Mr Vikalp Mishra. He is a subject matter expert in NEET Physics. He will discuss the topic Work, Energy and Power from all aspects.

Mr Navajot Kumar will lead the next two NEET-focused special sessions. He will go over the various MCQs from the NEET Physics topic of Work, Energy, and Power.

Work, Energy and Power: Previous Year Questions with detailed solutions

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