Transport in Plants accounts for around 2% of all inquiries asked in the previous eight years. It comes under the list of high-weightage chapters from Biology. Here in this article, we are sharing a glimpse of transport in plants along with lecture classes, conducted by subject matter experts.

Transport in Plants

The process of moving water and nutrients to all regions of the plant body is known as transportation. Plants have a specific mechanism for distributing water and nutrients throughout their bodies. They utilize a variety of water-related mechanisms, including translocation, absorption, storage, and use.

Transport in Plants: Different Process

Transport in plants takes place through different mechanisms.

  1. Simple Diffusion
  2. Faciliated Transport
  3. Passive Transport
  4. Active Transport

Simple Diffusion

In this system, molecules travel from a higher concentration zone to a lower concentration and this requires zero energy.

Active Transport

With the aid of membrane proteins, this process transports chemicals from a low-concentration area to a high-concentration region. Since it requires ATP to operate, this mechanism is known as active transport.

Facilitated Transport

In this case, the system uses a carrier, generally a protein, to transport molecules from a high-concentration region to a low-concentration one. Since this process does not require any energy, it is referred to as a passive process.

Passive Transport

Molecules are transferred from the higher concentration gradient region to the lower concentration gradient region during passive transport. The molecules in this process are bi-directional. Because of the lack of resistance, the molecules go downwards and there is no need for energy.

Passive Transport is classified into four subcategories

  1. Osmosis
  2. DIffusion
  3. Facilaited Diffusion
  4. Filtation

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Transport in Plants: Video Lectures

The first session is conducted by Dr. Stuti Agarwal, she is a subject matter expert in NEET Biology with years of experience in NEET coaching. She gives a detailed explanation of the topic of transport in plants in this video.

Ms. Sampritta Dutta will lead the following session in two parts. She is a skilled instructor and mentor with several years of NEET coaching expertise. She goes to great length about the topic of Transport in Plants.

The next two NEET-oriented video lectures is conducted by Ms. Pooja Bansal. She is a professional teacher and a subject matter expert in NEET Biology.

The next session is a NEET exclusive video lecture conducted by Ms. Swathi Mittal. This session is all about important NEET MCQs from the topic Transport in Plants.

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