System of Particles and Rotational Motion is an important chapter for the NEET examination. Here in this blog, we are sharing NEET video lectures on the topic System of Particles and Rotational Motion along with Summary notes and Previous year questions with detailed solutions.

System of Particles and Rotational Motion

Centre of Mass

The centre of mass of a particle system is defined as the point at which the entire mass of the system is imagined to be concentrated.

Rigid Bodies

A body is said to be rigid if it does not change shape as a result of the action of a force. If such a body is displaced, every particle within it experiences the same displacement. There is no such thing as a perfectly rigid real body.

Rotatory Motion

When a body rotates about a fixed axis, each particle moves in a circle, and the centres of all these circles lie on the axis of rotation. The body’s motion is said to have rotational motion.

Torque, Angular Momentum and Angular Impulse

Torque is the term given to the moment of force. It is defined as the product of force and the force’s perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation.

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Video Lecture

The first three sessions are conducted by Mr Navajot Kumar. He is a subject matter expert in NEET Physics. He discusses the topic System of Particles and Rotational Motion.

The next session is conducted by Mr Vikalp Sharma. He discusses the topic of Linear momentum of system of Particle

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