Structural Organization in Animals is an important concept from NEET Biology. It’s one of the high-weightage chapters of NEET Biology. Here in this article, we are sharing summary notes, video lectures, and previous year questions with detailed solutions for preparing Structural Organization in Animals thoroughly.

Structural Organization in Animals

Animal Tissues

The structure of cells varies depending on their function. As a result, the tissues differ and can be broadly classified into four types: Epithelial, Connective, Muscular, and Nervous.

Epithelial Tissue

The term epithelium is commonly used to describe epithelial tissue. This tissue has a free surface that is exposed to either a body fluid or the outside environment, and it serves as a covering or lining for a portion of the body. The cells are densely packed and have little intercellular matrix. Simple epithelium and compound epithelium are the two types of epithelial tissues.

Simple epithelium is a single layer of cells that serves as a lining for body cavities, ducts, and tubes. The compound epithelium is made up of two or more cell layers and serves as a protective layer in our skin.

Connective Tissue

In the bodies of complex animals, connective tissues are the most abundant and widely distributed. They are called connective tissues because of their unique ability to connect and support other tissues/organs in the body.

Types of Connective Tissue

They are classified into three

  1. Loose connective tissue
  2. Dense connective tissue
  3. Specialised connective tissue

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Video Lectures

The first three video classes are conducted by Mr Avijit Chakraborty. He is a NEET coach and subject matter specialist in NEET Biology. he discusses the topic of Structural Organization in Animals in three different sessions.

The next special session is conducted by Mr Ajay Kumar. He discusses the important previous year questions from the topic Structural Organization in Animals.

The next session is conducted by Dr. Stuti Agarwal. She discusses the important MCQs from the topic Structural Organization in Animals.

Structural Organisation in Animals: Previous Year Questions with detailed solution

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