According to the NEET Chapter Wise Weightage Photosynthesis in Higher Plants – the chapter provides around 1% of all questions asked in the last 8 years. Attending video lectures may assist NEET applicants in gaining a complete understanding of the topic and in conducting their NEET preparation easily. Here in this article, we are providing different NEET-oriented video lectures and a glimpse of the topic Photosynthesis in Higher Plants.

Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

photosynthesis in higher plants

Photosynthesis is the process by which carbohydrates are synthesized by green parts of plants in the presence of sunlight consuming carbon dioxide and water. In other words, Photosynthesis is a biochemical process that produces organic molecules from inorganic raw materials in the presence of light and pigments. As a byproduct, Oxygen is formed.

Photosynthesis occurs mostly in specialized cells termed mesophyll cells of leaves in higher plants. These cells have chloroplasts, which are the real photosynthesis sites. It converts Carbon dioxide to carbs. Chloroplasts are organelles with a double membrane. The stroma is the space enclosed by the chloroplast’s inner membrane.

The stroma contains a number of organized flattened membrane sacs called thylakoids. Thylakoids are stacked in grana, which are stacks of coins.
The chloroplast’s thylakoids hold the majority of the machinery for the photochemical reaction of photosynthesis. They contain pigments that absorb solar energy.


Chloroplasts are the sight of Photosynthesis and different pigments included in the process of Photosynthesis are Chlorophyll a,b,c,d, and e. Aquatic plants perform 90 percent of total photosynthesis and the first true and oxygenic photosynthesis was found in Blue-green Algae.

Photosynthesis in Higher Plants: Video Lectures

The first session is conducted by Ms. Samprita Dutta. She is an accomplished educator and mentor with years of NEET coaching experience. She goes into great detail regarding the topic Transport in Plants. There are three video sessions and do watch them all for thorough learning.

Ms. Swathi Mittal will lead the next session, which will be a NEET-exclusive video lecture. This session focuses on critical NEET MCQs from the topic Photosynthesis in Higher Plants.

The next session will be conducted by Dr. Stuti Agarwal. She gives a detailed explanation of new NEET patterned mock tests. As practicing mock tests is considered the most effective strategy for cracking the NEET examination, do watch the session completely.

Do check out the previous year’s questions with detailed solutions from Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

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