Motion in a Plane is a high weightage chapter for the NEET examination. Here in this blog, we are sharing NEET video lecture sessions of the topic Motion in a plane, along with Summary notes and Previous year questions with detailed solutions.

Motion in a Plane

Scalar: Scalar quantities are physical quantities that have only magnitude but no direction. Distance, speed, work, temperature, mass, and so on. Ordinary algebraic laws are used to add, subtract, multiply, and divide scalars.

Vectors: A vector quantity is one that has both a magnitude and a direction and adheres to the triangle law of addition or, more precisely, the parallelogram law of addition. A vector is defined by specifying its magnitude as a number and its direction as a letter. Vectors can represent physical quantities such as displacement, velocity, acceleration, and force.

Types of Vectors

Like Vectors

Vectors with the same direction are referred to as like vectors. It is possible that the magnitudes are not equal.

Equal Vector

Vectors with the same magnitude and direction are referred to as equal vectors.

Unlike Vector

Vectors with exactly opposite directions are referred to as, unlike vectors. It is possible that the magnitudes are not equal.

Negative Vector

Negative vectors are vectors with exactly opposite directions and equal magnitudes.

Unit Vector

A vector with a single magnitude. It only represents direction.

Orthogonal Unit Vector

The directions of the positive x, y, and z axes of a three-dimensional rectangular coordinate system are denoted by i, j, and k, respectively. They are known as orthogonal unit vectors because the angle between any two unit vectors is 90 degrees.

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Video Lectures

The first two video lecture sessions on the NEET topic Motion in a Plane is conducted by Mr Navajot Kumar. He is a NEET expert and subject matter specialist.

The next session is conducted by Mr Rohit Mehta. He is a NEET coach and subject matter specialist in NEET Physics.

Motion in a Plane: Previous Year questions with detailed solutions

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