According to the NEET analysis, the most number of questions are asked from this chapter. If you are a NEET aspirant, you can include the molecular basis of inheritance in the do or die chapters list. Here we are sharing a short note on molecular basis of inheritance and two lecture video sessions from NEET Biology experts

Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Genetics is focused mainly on the investigation of genes, heredity, and genetic diversity. Genes occur on chromosomes, which are made up of DNA and proteins. DNA is a molecule that contains genetic information and is found in all living creatures and viruses. It is employed in reproduction, function, growth, and development.


DNA is a double-helix structure that contains all genetic information. The number of nucleotide pairs in it determines its length. Friedrich Meischer recognized it as an acidic material in the nucleus. Watson and Crick discovered its double-helical structure.

DNA Structure

DNA is made up of six chemical structures, each of which contains one phosphate molecule and five-carbon sugars known as deoxyribose. A nucleotide is a fundamental component of DNA. One of the four bases, one sugar molecule, and one phosphate molecule make up a nucleotide. A sugar-phosphate chain serves as the backbone, with bases on the inside. To provide polar stability, nucleotide subunits are joined together to create a DNA strand.

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Video Lectures

Here is an interactive NEET Video session on the NEET-UG Biology topic Molecular Basis of Inheritance for the NEET Exam. This session will be conducted by Dr. Stuti Agarwal, a subject matter expert in NEET Biology. She will brief the Molecular Basis of Inheritance and different shortcuts and the best methods will be exclusively shared.

The next session is conducted by Ms. Swati Mittal. She is a subject matter expert and a NEET educator with years of experience. She will brief the topic in a simplified form and all the parts of the topic will be addressed in this session.

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