Genetics is an important chapter for the NEET examination. The chapter holds a major share of weightage for the NEET examination. 24% is the weightage and the number of average questions is 15. The Principle of Inheritance and Variation and the Molecular Basis of Inheritance are the two chapters from class 11th and 12th that fall under genetics. Here in this blog, we are providing an exclusive MCQ discussion session, short notes, and previous year questions with detailed solutions


Principles of Inheritance and Variations

  • Herdity – Heredity is the process through which heritable qualities or characteristics are passed on from parents to their children.
  • Genetics – A branch of biology dealing with the concepts and mechanisms of heredity and variation.
  • Inheritance – It is the foundation of heredity and the mechanism through which qualities are handed down from parents to children. The process of inheritance monitors and controls the regular continuity of the gene pool.
  • Genes – Genes are the basic unit of heredity and are found on the chromosomes.
  • Variation – Individuals of the same species exhibit the process of variation. Crossing over, mutation, gene recombination, and environmental effects on genes located on chromosomes are the primary causes of variation.

What is ‘test cross’?

A test cross is a method of determining the genotype of plants that exhibit dominant features.

Incomplete dominance

Incomplete dominance is shown when the heterozygote/offspring does not closely resemble either parent but rather a combination of two parents’ qualities. This occurs when none of the two alleles is dominant, since the phenotypic of the child bears no resemblance to either parent.

The flower colour inheritance of snapdragon or dog flower is a perfect example. When two true-breeding flowers are crossed, we obtain all pink offspring in the F1 generation. When their children are self-pollinated, they produce red:pink: white flowers in a 1:2:1 ratio during the F2 generation.


When both alleles manifest themselves in the same individual, they are said to be co-dominant.

The inheritance of the ABO blood group in humans, which is regulated by gene I, is an excellent illustration of this circumstance. Gene I is reported to have three allelic forms: IA, IB, and I. Any two of the three allelic variants are said to be present in a person. IA and IB are considered to be dominant over I whereas IA and IB are said to be co-dominant.

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