Electric Charges and Fields is an important topic for the NEET examination. The weightage is around 4 to 12 marks, that is you can expect 1 to 3 questions from this topic each year. Since Physics is a complicated subject for most students, learning this chapter thoroughly can show good results in your NEET Physics marks. Here in this blog, we are sharing ten video lectures, short notes, and previous year questions with detailed solutions.

Electric Charges and Fields

Electric Charges

Charge is associated with matter that causes it to create and experience electric and magnetic effects. Charge is a scalar quantity and its SI unit is the coulomb (C) The two types of charges are –

  • Postive Charges
  • Negative Charges

A positive charge indicates an electron deficiency, whereas a negative charge denotes an electron excess. The net charge in any neutral body is equal to zero, which means that the sum of positive charges equals the sum of negative charges.

Properties of Electric Charges

  1. Charges that are similar repel each other, whereas charges that are dissimilar attract each other.
  2. Due to the  polarisation of the uncharged body, a charged body attracts light uncharged bodies.
  3. Charge is conserved
  4. Motion has no effect on charge.

Learn electric charges and fields thoroughly from here.

Video Lectures

The first four sessions are from Mr Navajot Kumar, a subject matter expert in Physics. He is an expert in NEET coaching and his classes are quite famous among the Basidians. Here in these sessions, he explains the Topic Electric Charges and Fields thoroughly. Apart from that important MCQs, concepts and different shortcut methods are discussed.

The next three sections are conducted by Mr Kinshul Vijayawat. He discusses various shortcut methods that can be implemented in your NEET Physics preparation. The classes are conducted in Hindi and English.

The next session is conducted by Mr Abhijeet Nallaya. He is a subject matter expert in NEET Physics with years of experience in NEET coaching.

The next session is a special class from Mr Vishal Kumar. He is a subject matter expert in NEET Physics, he discusses important Previous Year Questions from Electric Charges and Fields.

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Basidia’s NEET special daily live classes for various subjects will be conducted 4 to 5 times a day with the vision of equipping you with the right knowledge to crack the NEET exam. The sessions are conducted live and the same will be uploaded as a video on the YouTube channel.

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