The principles of digestion and absorption are among the most important topics covered by NEET, which covers a wide range of topics. The chapter is so vast and we recommend you to give extra care to this concept.

Basidia’s NEET Biology- Digestion and Absorption video lessons include all of the main topics and concepts covered in the examination. More NEET video lectures on other subjects can be found on Basidia’s YouTube page.

What is Digestion?

It is the process by which complex food is broken down into simpler forms in order to improve nutrient absorption and energy release in the body. The alimentary canal and digestive glands are part of the digestive system. The alimentary canal, which travels from the esophagus to the rectum, is made up of four layers: serosa, mucosa, muscularis, and submucosa. Glands are essential for digestion. There are five types of glands in total, and they are as follows:

  1. Salivary glands. 
  2. Gastric Glands.
  3. Intestinal Glands.
  4. Pancreas. 
  5. Liver.

The process of digestion begins in the mouth when masticated food is combined with saliva. In turn, it produces a bolus, or tiny quantity of food, which travels down the throat and esophagus by deglutition or swallowing. Following that, the digestive enzymes present in the alimentary canal combine with the meal and begin the digestion process.

What is Absorption?

The bio-macromolecules are broken down in the duodenum and absorbed in the jejunum and ileum. The undigested food travels to the large intestine, where it is absorbed along with some water and minerals. Food absorption occurs by diffusion owing to a concentration gradient or via aided transport by a carrier protein.

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NEET Video Lectures: Digestion & Absorption

Here is an interactive NEET daily live session on the Biology unit Digestion & Absorption. Aishwarya, a subject matter expert in NEET Biology, will lead this session. In two sections, she will summarise the concept of Digestion and Absorption from Biology.

Next session is conducted by Ms Sampritha Dutta. She is an expert in NEET Biology and her lectures on Digestion and Absorption can help you to develop a thorough base on Digestion and Absorption.

Next two sessions are conducted by Dr. Stuti Agrawal. She is a subject matter expert in NEET Biology with years of experience in NEET coaching. She navigates through the important concepts in Digestion and Absorption. In the second session, she even provides different tips to learn Digestion and Absorption in detail.

Tips to learn Digestion and Absorption

Next session is conducted by Mr. Ajay Kumar. He discusses Previous year questions of Digestion and Absorption. This PYQ session helps you to do a quick revision segment.

Digestion and Absorption: Previous year questions with detailed solutions.

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