Coordination Compound is an important topic in NEET Chemistry. This has a weightage of greater than 2%. In this post, we will provide a short outline of coordination compounds as well as three video lessons.

Coordination Compounds

Coordination compounds are chemical compounds consisting of an array of anions or neutral molecules linked to a central atom by coordinate covalent bonds. Coordination complexes are another name for coordination compounds. Ligands are the molecules or ions that are bonded to the central atom.

Properties of Coordination Compounds

  1. The presence of unpaired electrons that absorb light in their electronic transitions colours the coordination compounds created by the transition elements. Complexes containing Iron(II) might be green or pale green in colour, whereas coordination compounds containing Iron(III) are brown or yellowish-brown in colour.
  2. Because of the existence of unpaired electrons, the related coordination complexes have a magnetic nature when the coordination centre is a metal.
  3. Coordination compounds have a wide range of chemical reactivity. They can be involved in both inner-sphere and outer-sphere electron transfer processes.
  4. Complex compounds containing certain ligands have the ability to catalyse or stoichiometrically help in the transition of molecules.

Learn Coordination Compounds now

Video Lectures

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