Cell The Unit of Life is an important topic in Unit Structure and Function since 2-3 questions from this chapter are asked every year. This chapter is entirely theoretical and requires extensive revision. Here in this article, we have included short notes, video lectures, and PYQs.

Cell: Unit of Life

Cell is the structural and functional unit of life. All plants and animals have cells in their bodies, indicating that all living organisms have cellular organization. Some species, such as Amoeba, Paramecium, bacteria, Chlamydomonas, and others, are made up of only one cell. There are several other organisms, such as plants, animals, and humans, that are made up of millions of cells.

Anton von Leeuwenhoek was the first to discover and describe a live cell. In 1838, a German botanist called Matthias Schleiden saw numerous diverse species of plants, each with its own set of cells and tissues. Schwann examined animal cells in 1839. He was a British zoologist who discovered that cells had an outside layer known as the Plasma membrane, according to investigations. He eventually decided that the existence of the cell wall is unique to plant cells. Later, these scientists collaborated to develop the Cell Theory. They both failed to describe how the new cell originated. The origin of the new cell was explained by Rudolf Virchow. He stated that new cells form from pre-existing cells, and he modified the Schwann and Schleiden hypothesis to give the idea of a final shape.

According to modern Cell theory :

  • All living organisms are made up of cells and cell products.
  • All cells develop from pre-existing ones.

Plant and animal cells come in all sorts of varieties. Each cell has a dense membrane-bound structure known as the nucleus.

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Video Lectures

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The next session is conducted by Dr Stuti Agarawal. She is a NEET expert and subject matter specialist in NEET Biology. She gives a detailed brief about the topic Cell: Unit of Life.

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