Body fluids and circulation is an important chapter from NEET zoology. This comes under the highest weightage chapter list. Here in the below article we are sharing free lectures on the same topic. These lectures are conducted by two best NEET subject matter experts. Attending the below added lectures could help you in scoring best marks in NEET zoology.

Body Fluids and Circulation


Blood is a fluid connective tissue made up of several cells (RBCs, WBCs) and platelets. Plasma constitutes for 55% of total blood volume. It is a viscous fluid with a water content of 90-92 percent. Plasma, in addition to water, includes 6-8 percent protein, amino acids, glucose, and small levels of electrolytes.

RBC’s or Red Blood Cells

RBCs are the most abundant cells in the blood. It develops in the bone marrow. It has a biconcave shape and no nucleus. RBCs have a 120-day lifetime and are destroyed in the spleen. RBCs are also known as Erythrocytes

WBC’s or White Blood Cells

Due to the lack of haemoglobin, WBCs are colourless. Granulocytes and agranulocytes are the two categories. They have a lifespan of three to four days.
Neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils are examples of granulocytes, while lymphocytes and monocytes are examples of agranulocytes. The neutrophils have phagocytic capabilities and a polymorphic nucleus, but the absophils are engaged in inflammatory reactions because they produce histamine and serotonin. They are also known as Leucocytes.

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Video Lectures

Here is an interactive NEET Video session on the NEET-UG Zoology Body Fluids and Circulation conducted by Dr Stuti Agarwal. She is a subject matter expert in NEET Biology with a solid experience in coaching NEET students. Different shortcuts and the best methods will be exclusively shared in this live class in order to boost the one-minute answering skill. Check out the session and don’t miss the opportunity to elevate yourself.

Here is another session conducted by Ms Swathi Mittal. She is an expert in NEET Biology.

Following that is a vital live session from a senior subject matter expert in NEET Biology.

Many NEET students look forward to the discussion on previous year question papers. Working through previous year question papers was a typical NEET approach used by many former toppers, and they were honest about it. So next in session is Body fluids and Circulation PYQS.

Click here to access the previous year questions with detailed solutions of Body fluids and circulation.

Here is another important session from Dr Stuti Agarwal where she conducts a live lecture on important topics of Body Fluids and Circulation.

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