Basic Concepts of Chemistry is an important chapter that should be prepared thoroughly for the NEET examination. In this article, we are sharing short notes, video lectures, and previous year’s questions with detailed solutions from this chapter.

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry


The matter is defined as anything with inertia and The quantity of matter is its mass.



Elements are the simplest form of matter and Atom is the smallest unit of an element. The total number of known elements is 118, of which 98 occur naturally and 20 are formed by artificial transmutation.


It is a pure non-elemental compound. formed by the chemical combination of two or more atoms of different elements in a set ratio.


Mixtures are formed when two or more pure chemicals are combined in any ratio. Milk, seawater, fuel, lime water, paint glass, etc are some examples. There are two types of mixtures

  1. Homogenous Mixture: A mixture is considered to be homogenous if its composition is consistent throughout and there are no visible boundaries between the constituents.
  2. Heterogeneous Mixture: A mixture is considered to be heterogeneous if its composition is not consistent throughout and there are visible borders of separation between the various parts. Even with the naked eye, the distinct ingredients of a heterogeneous mixture can be observed.

Learn Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Video Lectures

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Check out the previous year questions with detailed solutions

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