What are Alloys?

The term alloy means a mixture of metals or a metal combined with one or more elements. In the molten state, they are homogeneous and they may be heterogeneous or homogeneous in the solid-state.

When compared to pure metals, alloys have more strength and hardness. They can be classified into two categories based on the arrangements of atoms in their respective lattices: substitutional alloys and interstitial alloys.

They can even be classified based on the total number of phases present. Some examples of alloys are Stainless Steel, Invar, Brass, Bronze etc.

Alloy is one of the important topics for the NEET

Here we are coming up with an idea to demonstrate how you can earn up to 8 marks in NEET, by studying in a simplified form. Each slide carries an alloy that is NEET relevant and is linked to an important concept related to it. You could call this a capsule but we would prefer the term story carousels because these kinds of NEET essentials are simplified and updated in our app as carousel stories.

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