If you think of Chemistry, all that could come to your mind would be Benzene rings and other big structures but Physical chemistry is an exception to this. Physical chemistry is a well scoring part in NEET if you are good at solving numericals. Most of you would be tired of solving numerical problems but unlike Physics numericals, Chemistry numericals are easier to solve and have almost got a similarity in the pattern which we would be discussing in the later section of this blog.

It is essential to identify the chapters that fall under Physical Chemistry and you should also know their weightage. Given below are the chapters that belong to Physical Chemistry.

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Tips to score well in Physical Chemistry

  1. Neat and Tidy Formula notebook
  • Have a separate notebook to note down formulas.
    • Keep your notebook neat and tidy
    • Make sure you write down the correct equations. If you make any mistakes while writing down the formula, you would end up learning the wrong formula throughout.
    • Specify what the variables are. For example, If you were to note down the ideal gas equation into your formula notebook:
      • First, write the title- Ideal gas Equation
      • Then give the equation- Pv=nRT
      • Specify the variables like, P= Pressure, V= Volume and so on
  1. Smarter Calculations
  • You need to be quicker in calculations.
  • Do not use a calculator while practising numericals, instead, do it manually. By doing so, you will improve the pace at which you are able to solve numericals.
  • If you are good at Vedic Maths, it is an added advantage.
  • Learn short tricks whenever you are doing calculations. For example,
    • If the last step of your answer is a step where you have to multiply 263 with 279, you would know that the unit digit in the final answer would be 7. Look for the options ending with 7. If you are lucky enough, you would have only one option ending with 7.
  • Do not make silly calculation errors.
  • Be very careful with the signs. Wherever sign conventions need to be applied, make sure you use the correct signs.
  • Try to make your calculations neat. There are chances that you would consider 7 as 1 or 9, if you don’t write it neatly.
  1. Practice, Practice and Practice
  • Practice as many numericals you can.
  • Solve out previous year questions.
  • Note down special cases.
  • Understand the variations correctly. For example, if you are studying molar conductivity, understand the changes of molar conductivity with concentration. Like what happens if the concentration is increased or decreased.
  • While working out problems, if you are making any mistakes, immediately find out the mistakes. If you leave the mistakes as such, you would not improve.
  1. Approaching a Question
  • Note down the given quantities.
    • Look for the units.
    • Convert to the relevant units wherever necessary. Do not make errors while converting. Your entire answer would go wrong if you make mistakes while converting.
  • Understand the quantity that needs to be calculated.
  • Connect to an equation with the given quantities. You would be able to do this much faster if you practice well.
  • Once you get the equation, substitute the values.
  • Solve it out without any calculation mistakes.
  • Arrive at the final answer.
    • Check for the units and accordingly mark the correct answer.
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