Physics is a difficult session for most of the NEET aspirants. The vastness of Physics is not just limited to numerical. Physics is composed of a variety of concepts, theoretical problems, and difficult Numerical. Here in the below article, we are sharing different shortcuts to deal the NEET Physics.

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NEET Physics Preparation Tips

  1. Before beginning preparation, it is imperative to understand the subject’s syllabus. So have a thorough check on the syllabus
  2. Look for the High weightage chapters and consider those as important chapters.
  3. Do a deep research on NEET previous year question papers and find out the most frequently tested concepts. Put extra effort in learning those.
  4. When you finish a chapter, make sure to try all of the problems listed in NCERT. You may refer Basidia if you are having difficulty in solving certain problems.
  5. Attend chapter-wise NEET mock tests at the end of each chapters.
  6. Keep an eye on the units and learn its values thoroughly. It may help you in solving certain problems.

NEET Physics Shortcuts

1. Learn Formulas Thoroughly

Formulas are the foundation of physics. The most important step in preparing for NEET Physics is to learn formulas. So, try to learn those formulas on a daily basis. Dedicate a notebook and write down all of the NEET Physics Formulas. You can revise the formulas every day with the help of this notebook.

Tips to memorize formulas

  • Connect concepts to formulas using visual memory. Because you will understand the process behind the formulas, you will be able to memorise them more easily.
  • Practice the formulas you want to remember as much as possible. The more you practise, the better you’ll understand to apply formulas.
  • Writing down formulas several times will aid in quick and long-term memorization.
  • Use sticky notes for difficult formulas, so that you can read it everytime you pass.

Important Physics Formulas – Download PDf

2. Find out your weak areas

Make an effort to strengthen your areas of weakness. Concentrate more on the areas where you are lacking. Make a list of those topics and work on them. You should begin with the most frequently tested topics and high weightage NEET Physics topics and work your way down to the less important ones.

Important Physics Topics

Hot Topics

Electronic Devices
Heat and Thermodynamics
Laws of Motion
Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism
Oscillations and Waves

Warm Topics

Atoms and Nuclei
Current Electricity
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Electromagnetic Induction
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
Work, Energy & Power

Cold Topics

Alternating Current
Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
Electromagnetic Waves
Physical World and Measurement
Properties of Bulk Matter

3. NEET Physics Topic-Wise Strategy

Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body

NEET Physics includes questions on determining torque and moment of inertia of regular bodies using the theorem of parallel and perpendicular axes. More practise is needed for these kinds of questions.

Circular Motion problems are easy for candidates to solve. But you need to practice it a lot.

Work Power and Energy

Understand the power. Deal with Newton’s Laws of Motion and solidify your understanding of conservative and non-conservative forces. Basidia Keys can assist you in understanding the concepts thcroughly.


Problems based on determining Range, Maximum height, Time of flight, and Velocity at any point along the trajectory are deemed important. As a result, prioritise those. Thoroughly learn the concepts of displacement, acceleration, average velocity, and relative velocity.


Invest more time in zeroth law of thermodynamics, the first law of thermodynamics, Joules’ law, kinetic theory and gases, and the calorimeter principle. Study the Carnot engine diagrams, as well as its efficiency and coefficient of performance.

Properties of Bulk Matter

Fluid mechanics should be thoroughly studied because it is linked to many other NEET Physics subtopics such as Bernoulli’s Theorem and velocity of efflux. Learn about stress, strain, the Poisson’s ratio, the benefits of elasticity, and the behavior of wire under increasing load.

Modern Physics

Begin with the radioactive decay of substances, nuclear fission and fusion, the dual nature of matter, X-rays, and Bohr’s model. Use practice tests to get a good grip on numerical and use keys for clearing the theory concepts.


Easy questions from the universal law of gravitation, variation of ‘g’ with altitude and latitude, energy conservation, orbital velocity, and escape velocity should be prioritised 

Types of NEET Physics Questions

Type of questionsNumber of QuestionsPreparation
Theory oriented/fact-based15 – 20Direct from NCERT
Numerical/derivation-based15 – 20NCERT-based
Logical concepts5 – 10Concepts are from NCERT Application of these concepts
Critical concept-based 5 – 10Very complex questions Determine the toppers

Number of Questions expected from each Chapter

Topic NameNo. of Questions
Centre of Mass1
Circular Motion4
Current Electricity3
Electro-Magnetic Induction2
Error and Analysis1
Fluid Mechanics1
Geometrical Optics4
KTG & Thermodynamics2
Modern Physics3
Newton’s Laws of Motion1
Properties of Matter1
Rectilinear Motion1
Relative Motion1
Rigid Body Dynamics2
Semiconductor Devices2
Simple Harmonic Motion2
Surface Tension1
Thermal Expansion1
Unit and Dimension1
Wave Optics1
Work Energy and Power1

Bottom Line

If you are good with the numerical part, it would be easy for you to score good amrks in NEET Physics. NEET Physics is a complicated session but if you have done your preparation in a right way, Physics can be the most easy section. You can use the key feature of Basidia to learn the NEET Physics thoroughly. Get Basidia today and start your NEET preparation.

All the Best

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