Summary: The below NEET 2022 timetable is prepared by our NEET experts for the students assuming that the NEET exam would be conducted around June – July and you would begin your NEET 2022 preparation by August. It’s not compulsory to follow this timetable. If you feel this timetable is not suitable for you, Please make a timetable for you on your own.

It is said, “A goal without a plan is only a dream”. A lot of hard work and loads of time is the first and foremost investment in NEET preparation. NEET is a pan India examination with more than 16 lakh applicants every year. Considering the high competition level of the NEET examination, the preparation needs to be started much earlier. One year is enough time for cracking the NEET examination. 

How important is it to start your NEET preparation earlier?

The vast syllabus of the NEET examination makes it mandatory to start the preparation earlier. The NEET syllabus comprises class 11 and class 12 science topics which are almost over 15,000 concepts. Sounds hefty. Right? Taking the heftiness into account, the NEET preparation needs to be treated seriously.

It would be hard for you to learn all the concepts in a short period of time and that’s where exactly the study planner or timetable comes into play. A well-drafted study planner is enough to execute your whole preparation. A Perfect study planner can guide you through your whole preparation and it helps you to have a track on each and every topic or concept you complete as well as the syllabus you couldn’t. 

Points to Keep in Mind While Preparing for NEET 2022

  • It’s true that the study planner can help you prepare well but always remember that hard work and heartfelt dedication is the foundation of NEET preparation.
  • Study materials play a vital role in your whole preparation. So, choose it wisely. As the NEET examination follows the NCERT syllabus, the NCERT textbooks must be your first priority but referring to NCERT alone can’t guarantee you success. Always choose study material that has the highest strike rate. 
  • Even though you have a study planner, it is always recommended to keep a timetable so that you can plan your study timings and plan your day accordingly.
  • Conduct revisions after completing each topic and revise the topic repeatedly until you are thorough with the concept. Basidia has a facility of revision scheduler after completing each practice test. You can make use of it.
  • Attend full-length NEET mock test frequently, so that you will get an idea about the exam pattern and the kind of questions you can expect for the NEET examination.

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How Basidia’s NEET 2022 timetable Can help you crack the NEET exam?

The below NEET study planner is prepared by assuming that the NEET exam would be conducted around June – July and you would begin your NEET 2022 preparation by August.

This planner is divided week wise to give you better clarity on the topics and it also gives you sufficient time to prepare. Under each chapter is given a relevant practise test which you can access from the Basidia app. You must work out questions related to the completed chapter on the same day itself. 

The first three months in the study timetable for NEET are assigned for class 11 topics which you need to be thorough with. Along with this, you need to ensure that you study the class 12th topics taught at school regularly.

We have taken into account your school schedule and have curated the planner accordingly so that you don’t get stressed out.

Highlights of Our NEET 2022 Timetable:

  • Our NEET timetable is Curated by taking school time into consideration.
  • Sufficient time is allotted for School Board Exam preparations.
  • We suggest you to invest 4.30pm to 9pm everyday for NEET preparation. However, it depends on the individual’s learning capacity.
  • Two subjects are allotted per day where we expect you to spend around 2 hours for each. This is also flexible and it depends on your grasping power. 
    1. If you are fast at learning, you can finish concepts faster and concentrate on practicing more questions.
    2.  If you are slow, you need not worry since we have allotted you time to finish off your pendic topics too.
  • A practice test from each chapter is given below the chapter name. You can access the respective practice test from Basidia app by following the below steps:
    1. Download Basidia Learning App –
    2. Sign up and Login to your account
    3. Tap on the subject
    4. Tap on the respective chapter
    5. Tap on MCQ 
    6. You will find the practice test mentioned in the planner out there.
  • First three months are allotted to brush up your 11th standard concepts.

Before we begin with the planner, you must get to know the structure of the planner. The below image would help you get familiarised with the planner.

Now let us begin with the study timetable for NEET 2022. In week 1, we expect you to start with the class 11th topics which are slightly lighter. Initially, you might find it difficult to manage your school studies and NEET preparations but gradually you will get used to it, provided you follow the planner correctly.

In case you find it stressful and you really feel that you cannot do it, don’t be depressed. We are here to help you out. You can reach out to our academic counsellors at any time on 08047187248.

Note: Download your NEET Preparation App to fully utilize our NEET 2022 Timetable –

It would be just a starting trouble, later you can catch up with it. Remember, all the hard work that you put in is worth your MBBS dream. All you have to do is put in some extra effort and dedicate yourself completely to the preparation. So let’s start with week 1.

After completing the first week successfully, you would be having an idea of how to go forth. Always remember, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Let this be the first step towards your dream career. 

Similarly, class 11 topics are covered till week 10. Do not panic if you are not able to finish certain topics in time. In such instances, all you have to do is manage your time efficiently so that you can finish assigned topics on time.

If you are not able to finish it on time, there is a slot vacant for you in the upcoming weeks which is exclusively for pending topics. This should not be considered as an excuse to keep things pending but should be used wisely.

Week 2 for neet timetable
Week 3 for neet timetable
Week 4 for neet timetable

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Week 5 for neet timetable
Week 6 for neet timetable
Week 7 for neet timetable

Note: Download your NEET Preparation App to fully utilize our NEET 2022 Timetable –

Week 8 for neet timetable
Week 9 for neet timetable
Week 10 for neet timetable

Hurray!! You are almost half done. In the upcoming two weeks, you can schedule your pending topics. In week 11, Only Chemistry was assigned. You can manage your time and plan your pending schedule like:

  • Two hours for Chemistry and Two hours for pending topics.
  • If you don’t have any pending topics, you can utilise it for revision and practicing questions.
Week 11 for neet timetable

By the end of week 11, we would be completing the entire class 11 topics. If you have any pending topics left, you can do it in week 12 which we would call a buffer zone. You can plan it for yourself. If you don’t have anything pending, use it exclusively for revisions.

Week 12 for neet timetable

Having completed class 11 topics, you can now begin with class 12 topics. You might find class 12 concepts a bit easier than class 11 as you would be learning the same topics in school and preparing for board exams. By this time you can start to attempt mock tests too. It would give you an idea about the exam pattern and can improve your time management skills too. 

In week 13, we will be starting with the initial chapters of class 12. If you are already thorough with the concepts, utilise the available time for working out questions.

Week 13 for neet timetable

Similarly, you can continue your studies till week 15 as per the schedule.

Week 14 for neet timetable

Note: Download your NEET Preparation App to fully utilize our NEET 2022 Timetable –

Week 15 for neet timetable

As you reach the 16th week, you will need to focus a little more on your board exams. We have put up Sundays exclusively for you to revise Board exam topics. You can continue the same till week 22.

Week 16 for neet timetable
Week 17 for neet timetable

Note: Download your NEET Preparation App to fully utilize our NEET 2022 Timetable –

Week 18 for neet timetable
Week 19 for neet timetable
Week 20 for neet timetable
Week 21 for neet preparation

Note: Download your NEET Preparation App to fully utilize the NEET 2022 Timetable –

Week 22 for neet timetable

By now your board exams would be around the corner. So we insist you focus completely on board exams. You can utilise the next 10 weeks exclusively for board exam preparations. 

Once you are done with your board exams, you can follow the below schedules. Now, your only focus should be the NEET exam. Do not worry about your board exam results. Do not stress out yourself or do not be lazy thinking that you are done with class 12th. It is usually at this time that most of the students take a break thinking that they are done with the most important exam of their life. Though board exams are important, you should also give equal importance or even high priority to the NEET exam since the NEET exam is the only gateway to your dream medical seat. 

Let us continue with our NEET study planner. Now you would be in the 32nd week. Since you don’t have classes in your school you are expected to invest a minimum of 8 hours exclusively for NEET preparations. During the next two weeks, you can complete the chapters mentioned in the schedule and take up a full-length mock test on Sundays.

Week 32 for neet timetable
Week 33 for neet timetable

By the end of the 33rd week, you would be completing the entire NEET syllabus. We have assigned you an additional week, which can be called a buffer zone to finish off your pending topics. If you don’t have any pending topics, you can utilise this time to practice questions and to take mock tests.

All You Need to Know About Basidia’s – New Pattern Mock Test for NEET

week 34 neet preparation

By now you would be left with around 50 days for your NEET exams. You can now follow the 50 days study planner. Click here for 50 days study planner for NEET

Download NEET 2022 Timetable in PDF:

Challenges of NEET Preparation

  1. The vast syllabus is the first and foremost challenge you would face for the NEET examination. The combined concepts of class 11 and class 12 would feel hefty but remember if you have a proper plan and a determined mind nothing can stop you.
  2. High competition is another challenge you might be facing, for the NEET examination. The number of candidates increases yearly so is the competition. If you are prepared enough and wholeheartedly worked for your aim, this wouldn’t even bother you.
  3. Less idea about the exam pattern can spike up exam fear. Attending mock tests very frequently and working out previous year question papers can help you overcome this.
  4. You might find it difficult to manage both class 12th Board exams and NEET preparations together. Remember, the hard work and additional effort you put in is worth your dream medical seat.
  5. Lack of family support is a major challenge faced by many of the students. Parents undergo various problems in their day to day life, there are many instances that could bring tensions to them and that tension can end up in silly arguments or misunderstandings. As an obedient child, you need to respect their feelings and make them understand that you are doing your best. 

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Dedication Note

NEET preparation, We know it would be a difficult ride but think about the career you dreamt of for years. This study planner is prepared after a long research by our team of experts after talking with many students and understanding their situations. The topics are arranged in such a way that any NEET aspirant can take up and easily start their preparation.

 Sometimes hard topics can make you weak and you could feel hectic. But understand this, you have the ability to overcome any obstacles, you have got the power all in you, grab it and use it. Be confident and trust yourself. Wishing you all the success.  

Reimagine, rethink and prepare with Basidia. We will be there for you at any time to help you out.

Basidia – Best App for NEET Preparation

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