NEET Aspirants typically find Zoology easy on their exam as the questions are more theoretical than other subjects. However, this doesn’t mean students should give less focus to these important subjects. They should use it to their advantage, practicing more questions from most tested topics to be sure to ace all these questions in this subject. Student can use it to score higher and improve their score overall.
In this past NEET UG 2022 exam, Human physiology and Animal husbandry & biotechnology were most tested. 50 MCQs from Basidia modules appeared on the exam and 10 MCQs from Basidia’s mock tests. Students also found 4 direct repeats from Basidia’s questions bank. Students studying from Basidia would have scored 176 out of 180 marks. That’s 98%! Check out the questions that were asked from Basidia question bank below.

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