The National Testing Agency(NTA) recently announced the NEET 2021 Results, which will be available on the official website on November 1, 2021. Every year, thousands of students apply for and wish to crack the medical exam. Previous year question papers are in high demand and students usually start their preparation after analyzing the question papers. Analyzing previous year’s question papers before starting the preparation will help students to plan their preparation earlier and moc accordingly.

The NEET question paper is divided into four sections: Zoology, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Prior to 2021, the NEET question papers were divided into three sections: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. From this year NEET question paper will be split up into two sections, Section A (35 questions) and Section B (15 questions). Section B provides aspirants with the option of answering any ten questions. The NEET question paper is again segregated into different codes and the question codes are M, N, O, P, with six series.

NEET 2021 Examination

NEET examination was held on September 12th under strict COVID protocols. Around 16 lakhs of students have applied for the NEET 2021 examination. The NTA has started sending the scorecards from November 1st and the official result will be announced soon on their website.

Highlights of NEET 2021 Examination

Exam Date12th September 2021
Exam ModeOffline (Pen-Paper Mode)
Duration3 Hours
LanguageEnglish and Regional Languages (Hindi, Oriya, Assamese, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Urdu, Punjabi, and Gujarati)
Total Number of Questions200 Questions (180 Mandatory Questions)
Total Marks720 Marks
Marking +4 Marks for each correct answer
-1 Mark for each wrong attempt

Importance of Solving Previous Year Question Papers

The vastness of the syllabus and the high number of participants makes the NEET the most competitive and toughest examination of its kind. Since the competition level is very high, you need to be well prepared to crack the NEET examination. Solving NEET previous year exam papers can help a lot in this situation. It would help you in reviewing the kind of question papers asked in prior exams. The vastness of the NEET syllabus can be easily dealt with by covering the concepts thoroughly using a well-drafted timetable. You can access the effective study planner by clicking on the below links.

NEET 2021 Question paper details

Physics Question Paper

  1. Difficulty Level – Moderate to Difficult
  2. 70% more numerical questions
  3. More tougher questions from Optics, Semi-Conductors, and Photoelectric Effect
  4. Lengthy Paper
  5. Both the sections included trickier questions

Zoology Question Paper

  1. Difficulty Level – Moderate
  2. More twisted questions
  3. All questions were completley based on NCERT syllabus
  4. 11 to 12 questions were asked from Biotechnology
  5. 4 questions were sked from Locomotion and Movement

Botany Question Paper

  1. Difficulty level – Easier to Moderate
  2. Less difficulty question
  3. All questions were asked from NCERT syllabus
  4. Most of the questions were directly asked from NCERT textbook
  5. Concept-based questions were more.

Chemistry Question Paper

  1. Difficulty Level – Easy to Moderate
  2. Most of the questions were based on NCERT figures, facts, and tables.
  3. There are a lot of statement-based questions.
  4. Question about Acidic strength of halogen acids is repeated.
  5. More number of numericals asked

NEET 2021 Previous Question Papers with detailed solutions from Basidia: Topic Wise Segregated

Divide and conquer was the kind of unethical war trick applied by many invaders to conquer small countries. We could use it here in the NEET preparation. Segregate the topics and cover the concepts one by one.

We are providing you with the topic-wise segregated solutions of NEET question papers. Refer to the below table for access to the detailed solutions topic by topic.

NEET Physics Previous Questions With Solutions

TopicPYQs & detailed Solutions
Atoms and NucleiPractice Now
Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic TheoryPractice Now
Current ElectricityPractice Now
Dual Nature of Matter and RadiationPractice Now
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating CurrentPractice Now
Electromagnetic WavesPractice Now
ElectrostaticsPractice Now
GravitationPractice Now
KinematicsPractice Now
Laws of motionPractice Now
Magnetic Effects of Current and MagnetismPractice Now
The motion of System of Particles and Rigid BodyPractice Now
OpticsPractice Now
Oscillations and WavesPractice Now
Physical-world and MeasurementPractice Now
Properties of Bulk MatterPractice Now
Semi-Conductor ElectronicsPractice Now
ThermodynamicsPractice Now
Work Energy and PowerPractice Now

NEET Chemistry Previous Year Questions with Solutions

Topic PYQs & detailed Solutions
Alcohols, Phenols & EthersPractice Now
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsPractice Now
Basic Concepts of ChemistryPractice Now
Basic Organic ChemistryPractice Now
BiomoleculesPractice Now
Chemical BondingPractice Now
Chemical KinematicsPractice Now
Chemistry in Everyday LifePractice Now
Coordination ChemistryPractice Now
ElectrochemistryPractice Now
Environmental ChemistryPractice Now
EquilibriumPractice Now
Group 13 & 14Practice Now
Group 15, 16, 17, & 18Practice Now
HydrocarbonsPractice Now
HydrogenPractice Now
Isolation of ElementsPractice Now
Organic Compounds Containing NitrogenPractice Now
Periodic Properties of ElementsPractice Now
PolymersPractice Now
Redox ReactionsPractice Now
Solid StatePractice Now
SolutionsPractice Now
States of MatterPractice Now
Structure of AtomsPractice Now
Surface ChemistryPractice Now
ThermodynamicsPractice Now

NEET Botany Previous Year Questions With Solutions

Topic PYQs & Detailed Solutions
Living WorldPractice Now
Transport in PlantsPractice Now
Anatomy of Flowering PlantsPractice Now
Biodiversity and ConservationPractice Now
Biological ClassificationPractice Now
Cell Cycle and Cell DivisionPractice Now
Cell – The unit of lifePractice Now
EcosystemPractice Now
Environmental IssuesPractice Now
Microbes in Human WelfarePractice Now
Mineral NutritionPractice Now
Molecular Basis Of InheritancePractice Now
Morphology of Flowering PlantsPractice Now
Organisms and PopulationPractice Now
Photosynthesis in Higher PlantsPractice Now
Plant Growth and DevelopmentPractice Now
Plant KingdomPractice Now
Principles of InheritancePractice Now
Respirations in PlantsPractice Now
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsPractice Now
Strategies for Enhancement of Food ReproductionPractice Now

NEET Zoology Previous Year Questions With Solutions

Topic PYQs & Detailed Solutions
Animal KingdomPractice Now
BiomoleculesPractice Now
Biotechnology and its technologyPractice Now
Biotechnology Principles and ProcessesPractice Now
Body Fluids and CirculationPractice Now
Breathing and Exchange of GasesPractice Now
Chemical Coordination and IntegrationPractice Now
Digestion and AbsorptionPractice Now
EvolutionPractice Now
Excretory Products and their EliminationPractice Now
Human Health and DiseasePractice Now
Human ReproductionPractice Now
Locomotion and MovementPractice Now
Neural Control and CoordinationPractice Now
Reproductive Health Practice Now
Structural Organisation in AnimalsPractice Now

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NEET 2022 Study Planner

The NEET syllabus includes science topics for grades 11 and 12, totalling over 15,000 ideas. Considering the complexity of the exam, NEET preparation must be taken seriously. It would be difficult for you to complete all of the concepts in a short period of time, which is where the study planner comes in. A well-designed study planner is sufficient to carry out your whole preparation. As per the expert’s advice, a study planner is mandatory for starting an effective NEET preparation.

Access the most effective study Planner for NEET 2022 here

NEET 2021 Previous Year Question Paper

Question CodeLink
E1+F1+G1+H1Get Now
E2+F2+G2+H2Get Now
E3+F3+G3+H3Get Now
E4+F4+G4+H4Get Now
E5+F5+G5+H5Get Now
E6+F6+G6+H6Get Now

NEET 2020 Previous Question Papers – Download

Question CodeDownload Link
E1Get Now
E2Get Now
E3Get Now
E4Get Now
E5Get Now
E6Get Now
F1Get Now
F2Get Now
F3Get Now
F4Get Now
F5Get Now
F6Get Now
G1Get Now
G2Get Now
G3Get Now
G4Get Now
G5Get Now
G6Get Now
H1Get Now
H2Get Now
H3Get Now
H4Get Now
H5Get Now
H6Get Now

NEET 2019 Previous Question Papers – Download

Question CodeDownload Link
Code P 1Get Now
Code P2Get Now
Code P5Get Now
Code Q 1Get Now
Code Q 5Get Now
Code Q 6Get Now
Code R 1Get Now
Code R 3Get Now
Code R 5Get Now
Code s 1Get Now
Code S 2Get Now
Code S 6Get Now

These previous year question papers are collected from different organisations for the sake of your smooth preparation. We recommend you access the previous year question papers with detailed solutions from Basidia Application.

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