As is the saying “well begun is half done“, if you start your NEET preparations well, you are almost half done!! But before starting the NEET preparation, you should refer to the syllabus and paper pattern for preparing in an effective manner. When hard work meets the right studying technique, you can taste the fruit of your hard work.

Prior to kickstarting the NEET preparation tips let’s have a short look at the Syllabus, Marks, exam Pattern and some other important points which have to be kept in mind in order to face the NEET 2021 strategically.

What is NEET-UG?

NEET-UG is an entrance exam conducted for the admissions to various MBBS, BDS courses, and other undergraduate medical courses in approved/recognized Medical/Dental & other Colleges across India. Being an all India level examination, the competition for the same would be beyond our imagination. The questions of NEET-2021 are completely based on Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany of class 11th and 12th. There are a total of 180 questions that carry 4 marks each summing up to a total of 720 marks. NEET exam is the only choice for aspirants whose aim is to pursue a medical degree. You can have a look at the NEET Eligibility criteria 2021.

Proper planning and execution are essential before every examination. Considering NEET, we have to schedule everything in a hand-picked way. Understanding the syllabus, creating a study time table, working on previous year question papers likewise there are a lot of tasks which have to be planned and executed logically so that you will be able to crack the examination at the very first attempt itself. Here we are sharing best NEET preparation tips that would help you to get prepared and equipped for the coming NEET 2021 Examination. 

If you are aiming to crack the upcoming NEET 2021, go through these

12 preparation tips to crack NEET 2021

1. Understand the Exam Pattern

  • NEET comprises a total of 180 questions which are divided into three subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The biology section has the highest number of questions which is 90 in total whereas the other two consist of 45 questions each. The marks awarded are also divided into three as 360 in Biology, 180 in chemistry and 180 in Physics. 
  • The other important point to keep in mind is the scoring pattern. The scoring pattern is in such a way that 4 marks are awarded for every correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for each wrong attempt. 
  • “Biology has the highest weightage so I am going to give more importance to it” , this is the thought we should abandon first. In NEET every section is important and if you are sticking only to one section that can lead you to a drastic disappointment. Equal importance should be given to all three subjects. 

2. Understand the Syllabus.

Understanding the syllabus is essential while preparing for an examination. It’s the same for the NEET 2021 examination too. If you have a proper idea about the syllabus your work becomes easier. Given below are some NEET preparation tips regarding the syllabus focus.

  • The NEET covers the NCERT topics, so consider the NCERT textbooks as the first option for preparation.
  • Now check for the topics in all three subjects. Segregate the topics into three types and give them taglines as Easy, Medium, and Hard.
  • Easy taglines should include the topics you are proficient in.
  • Medium taglines should include the topics which are manageable at any point in time during preparation.
  • Hard taglines should include topics that are difficult to follow.
  • After having a clear picture of the exam pattern and syllabus, set a target score to achieve. 

3. Build your own time-table

After assigning tag lines as mentioned above, the next step would be to draft a timetable. Given below are few steps to follow while building up a timetable.

  • Place the topics which are assigned as easy in the first section of the timetable 
  • Place the topics which are assigned as Medium and Hard as the second and third section of the timetable respectively
  • Follow the timetable and act accordingly. Never slip away from the drafted timetable. 
  • Keep one empty column in the timetable so that you could review yourself at the end of the day. This will help you validate yourself and can improve.

Having drafted a timetable, the next step would be the execution of the same. Let us have a look at how to Execute the drafted timetable.

  • Start the day with the topics which come under the easy tag line. Have a thorough reading of the topics and try answering as many questions as possible. Beginning with the easy topics would give you the confidence to face the hard and medium topics fearlessly. 
  • Dedicate more time to the Hard topics and revise them thoroughly on a daily basis.
  • Medium-tagged topics should be considered next. Include the previous year’s question papers in this tag. Try solving almost all the questions from the previous year’s question paper and check with the answer key. 
  • Create your own questions and try solving them. 
  • Attend at least one mock test daily so that you can evaluate yourself and put up more hard work if required.

Don’t forget to take breaks in between, storming your brain too much will make you fall sick. A healthy mind can only derive wonderful results. Take rests in between so as to relax your Body and Mind.

4. High-quality Resources

Choosing the right reference material for NEET 2021 preparation would be a little difficult since there are a lot of materials readily available in the market. Selecting the best among them would be a little tricky. Remember ‘too much of anything is good for nothing, so it is always better to stick to a maximum of two to three study resources which would help you frame a better understanding.

Asking suggestions from your senior batch would help you to judge your preparation strategy and would let you evaluate the standard of the notes you prepared. Given below are some of the most reliable resources. 

  • NCERT: NCERT textbooks are the best study material for NEET Examinations since the syllabus is completely based on NCERT textbooks, so give importance to it. 
  • NTA Abhyas App: It helps to access various mock tests to prepare for the upcoming competitive exams.
  • Basidia: It is a reliable source to practice, revise and understand different concepts of NCERT covering the entire NEET UG syllabus. It contains different test series, lessons, keys and video lectures that can help you in your journey.

 5. Preparation Of Notes

  • Preparation of notes can help you understand and memorize the topics in a better way. Moreover, it improves your memory skills too.
  • Refer to some high-quality study materials to prepare notes that help you to stay on the right track. You can use the internet as a source for choosing the best study material, you can even discuss your concerns with your teachers and you can post your doubts on online discussion forums too. While considering the online methods you can refer to the Keys From Basidia
  • While preparing notes highlight the points which you feel is important so that you can have a quick read and in fact, that helps you to improvise your memory. These prepared notes can be used for last-minute revision purposes also.

6. Clear Your Doubts

Seek help, clear all your doubts at the earliest because misconceptions can bring you failures in examination especially for NEET because of the negative marks. Keep in mind that NEET is a competitive exam and you are going to compete with 15 lakh candidates across the country.

7. Be Confident

“I can do it and I will” should be your success mantra. Believe in your talent and show a positive attitude towards the preparation, That would have a greater impact on your NEET exam preparation.

Proper planning and execution are essential before the NEET examination.  Understanding syllabus, creating timetables, working on previous year questions, and the list goes on.

Avoid negative thoughts because when you think negatively your brain works in the same way and it can ruin the complete confidence and talent you have in yourself. Be confident! at the same time try not to be overconfident because overconfidence can bring everything upside down.

8. Revision and Practise

  • Keep on practising because practise makes you perfect. It is always good to check the depth of your knowledge because that gives you a clear picture of yourself. 
  • Practice previous year question papers, try to solve at least 90 questions daily and try analyzing your mistakes and clear them.
  • Practise more on weaker topics so that it doesn’t weaken you anymore.
  • Attempt at least one mock test per day.
  • Revise on a daily basis so as to brush up on your memory.

9. Healthy Diet

While preparing for an exam like NEET you have to be strong mentally as well as physically. The confidence and the talent in you can make your mind stronger but without physical health, your mind won’t travel the way you want. Following a healthy diet can make you physically and mentally stronger. It is important to follow a healthy diet during preparation. Eat iron-rich foods because they can boost your thought process. Include leafy vegetables and vitamin B rich foods in your diet. Make sure to avoid all types of caffeine sources.

10. Proper Sleep

  • Sleep refreshes you. Make sure to sleep for 7-8 hours. Avoiding sleep will affect concentration and leads to the dullness of mind. A good night sleep before the exam makes you more active.
  • Keep away smartphones from your beds. The smartphone screen emits enriched blue lights that can prevent the production of ‘melatonin a hormone that helps to achieve a refreshing sleep.  Plan your bedtime in advance, so that you can calculate the exact hours you could sleep.

11. Proper Exercise

Stress is a common factor which most students face while preparing for competitive exams such as NEET. Regular exercises can help you keep stress at bay. Going for a regular walk or doing yoga can help you reduce your stress and boost your performance. 

 12. Keep up with regular updates 
Update yourself with authentic information regarding your exam and don’t rely on “fake news for the most important exam of your life.

Following are the list of few sites that you can trust 

  •  This site gives information regarding the results, application forms, admit cards and all other important details related to the NEET exam
  • This site provides information about all the active examinations conducted by the NTA including NEET, E-certificate UGC-NET and mock tests.
  • This site primarily provides information regarding the counselling schemes, counselling schedule and participating institutions for graduate medical and dental seats.
  • The official Twitter account of National Testing Agency (@DG NTA): This is also an authentic and reliable resource for getting recent developments and updates regarding the NEET exam

We hope these tips could help you in the preparation for the NEET 2021 examinations. You can start your preparations even now since there are still a few months left for the examination. Always remember there is no time like the present to start. Have belief in yourself and work hard because at the end of the day hard work pays off. Wish hard, dedicate yourself because dreams do come true. We wish that your medical dreams come true. Prepare well, Attend well. Wishing you all the best for the NEET Examination 2021.

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