Toppers are the inspiration for their juniors. Each year after the NEET examination students use to search for toppers preparation methods and strategies. In fact, the topper is a hot word after the NEET examination. Here in this blog, we would like to share some of the successful preparation tips from the NEET toppers from previous years.

The various suggestions made by the NEET toppers have been carefully compiled based on their experience preparing for the medical entrance exam. Read each point carefully and consider this as your success mantra.

NEET preparation tips by toppers

1. Toppers know the syllabus inside out

The base of any examination is always the syllabus. If you have a proper idea about the NEET syllabus or in more simple words, if you know what to learn, 50% of your NEET preparation is done. What toppers do is, always go through the syllabus of NEET. This includes the topics, their weightage important concepts, etc. They will segregate the NEET syllabus and keep it ready for their preparation. 

2. Toppers had a well-drafted plan

Let it be an examination or interschool games, proper planning is our base. Imagine you are going for an interschool cricket tournament, you need to create a plan for the whole team. In cricket, the game plannings include bowling strategies, field orientation, batting modes, etc. Likewise, the NEET exam preparation should have a good and deep plan. Create a timetable for your preparation and move your preparation accordingly. Having a well-drafted timetable helps you to cover all the syllabus in desired time. 

Important – NEET Timetable for Toppers

3. Toppers were pros In Time Management

‘Time and tide wait for none’ Haven’t you heard this proverb? It exemplifies the value and importance of time. Toppers were able to manage their timings between the NEET preparation and their school board exam preparation. They gave equal importance to both by dividing the time equally. Time management is another factor that affects your NEET preparation. So be good at it. 

Tips for Time Management

  1. Have a close look at your daily routine and find out where you are losing time
  2. Prioritize tasks
  3. Create a routine and folllow it
  4. Take breaks in between
  5. Group similar syllabus together.

4. Toppers had mini-goals for their big goal

Its been said by many toppers that they had set daily goals /targets for their NEET preparation. To set daily targets, you need to refer to your study planner first, then according to it, you should prioritize the tasks. Now you can set goals for the day. Your daily goals can include concepts, numerical, chemical reactions, etc.

5. Practice was toppers daily routine

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ It was said by many toppers that they practiced a lot during their NEET preparation. Practice is the ultimate quality a NEET aspirant should have. The best way to practice is using the previous year’s question papers and Mock Tests. This helps you to get a complete idea about the NEET examination. Practicing with NEET previous year’s question papers and mock tests can improve your time management skills. The best way to get into the practice routine is, soon after finishing your daily targets, to dedicate at least one hour for practice.

6. Toppers used to revise daily

Revisions are a kind of practice, that helps you to have a solid base. It is mandatory to conduct revisions daily. According to toppers revisions helps to improve memorizing skills. It would be difficult for you to memorize each and every concept clearly. Conducting revisions after finishing each topic will help you to make sure that all the concepts are rightly prepared. 

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7. Toppers had perfect notes

Preparing notes can help your NEET preparation in many ways. The fastest way to learn a concept is to write and learn and the easiest way for a quick revision is reading it multiple times. This is the specialty of notes. Notes help you to be thorough with the topics and it helps you to memorize it 

8. Toppers had the best quality study materials

To give the best in your NEET examination you should choose the best study materials for your NEET preparation. NCERT is the best study material for NEET, but when discussed with toppers, they have said that apart from NCERT textbooks they were depending on many high-quality online and offline resources. Preparing with NCERT and these NEET special study materials can help you to crack the NEET examinations easily. 

9. Toppers Opt Online Resources

Basidia Learning is an online NEET preparation mobile application used by thousands of students. Basidia is famous for its innovative features that bring out the full potential of a student. Basidia encourages the systematic methods of learning one NEET relevant concept per day. The custom test is just another feature that grabbed much attention among the NEET aspirants. Using a custom test, a NEET aspirant can create a test for himself by choosing the desired topics. 

Click here to learn more about Basidia

10. Toppers Objective

Despite the fact that their prime focus was to pass the NEET, most of the toppers adequately mastered their curriculum. So that, they could use it in the real world or pass it to their juniors. This type of study practice may help both your grades and the person in you. One should apply their attained knowledge for the benefit of the world rather than for self-gain. The dedication to the world may bring out the best in you as a doctor.

Other Important Study tips from NEET Toppers

  1. Understand the exam Pattern clearly
  2. Avoid multi tasking. Pressurizing your brain can have negative imapcts on your preparation.
  3. Try solving atleast one Previous year question daily.
  4. Practice with fake OMR sheets
  5. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from teachers or friends
  6. Note down all formulas and have a better understanding
  7. Resolve your doubts.
  8. Revise each and every concept on daily basis
  9. Analyze your answers after each mock test to find where you went wrong.
  10. Don’t stress yourself. Take enough rest
  11. Minimum 8 hours sleep is a must
  12. Stay Positive
  13. Follow proper diet
  14. Keep yourself fit

Many toppers have suggested basidia to their juniors after analyzing the highest NEET relevant content provided by us. The best way to prepare for NEET is to use the right study material in the right way. Basidia offers you the prime NEET content that can definitely take you to the toppers list. We hope this article could fuel your NEET preparation and bring out the topper in you.

We wish you Good Luck!

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