Frequently asked questions, or FAQs as they are colloquially known, are an excellent way to broaden your knowledge. It is one of the most well-known features among netizens.

NEET mock test related FAQs helps the NEET aspirants to resolve their general doubts in a shorter period of time. Here we are providing a list of NEET mock test based FAQs that resolves most of your NEET doubts.

NEET Mock Test FAQs

1. How many mock tests before neet?

Although there are no fixed numbers, you should attend around 21 mock tests before NEET. As you know that the NEET examination is really tough and hard to crack, attending more NEET mock tests mean you get a better grip on the syllabus as well as the exam pattern and even improve your time management skill.

You must take at least one mock test per week, and as the exam approaches, you must increase the number of mock tests you take on a weekly basis. After completing each mock test, you must analyse your results and find the mistakes you made and Correct them with the help of your study materials. Make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes again.

2. How to increase marks in NEET mock test?

Self-analysis, Focused preparation, Working out more and more neet previous year questions and improving your time management skills can increase your scores in NEET mock tests.

Scoring lower marks in the NEET examination can be depressing and demotivating. Many students take the result of NEET mock tests seriously and end up losing all confidence. This adversely affects their NEET preparation. Students must understand that scoring low in NEET mock test is very common.

Students must understand that because the NEET examination is difficult, the mock tests are designed to be more difficult in order to provide them with adequate practice. more focused learning can help them increase their marks both in the Mock test as well as the NEET examination.

3. What is NEET mock test why should we take it?

NEET Mock Test is a model test that includes questions from all three subjects  (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). Every NEET aspirant must take it because this test will give you an idea of the types of questions that will be asked, as well as the NEET exam pattern and scoring scheme. It can even help you improve your time management abilities.

NEET mock tests are available on many online NEET coaching platforms. Before selecting one of these mock tests, you should conduct research on all of them. Any mock test series will suffice for normal practice, but for more focused and result-oriented practise, choose mock test series from platforms such as Basidia.

4. How to give mock test for neet?

It’s simple,

  • Be seated in a calm and quiet place so that nothing can distract you.
  • Take a deep breath and relax yourself
  • Get an OMR sheet if possible (not mandatory, you can attend in Phone also)
  • Keep a timer with you. (this is to practice one minute asnwering skill)
  • Start your exam
  • Attend all answers carefully.
  • If you are attending an online test the answers will be automatically submitted and you wil get instant result.
  • Analyze the paper thoroughly to recognise your weak points and work on them.
  • If you left any questions unanswered during the exam, answer them again.

If you are attending Basidia’s mock test series, it has a rank predictor and you will get an all India rank based on your performance and the deep analysis feature will help you to analyze your performance better.

5. Do mock tests actually matter in neet prep?

Yes! Mock test really matters in the NEET preparation. As you all know that the NEET mock tests are the model tests created exactly like the real NEET examination. Attending more number of NEET mock tests helps you to

  • Its a great way to practcie and prepare.
  • Analyze your progresss
  • Improve your time management skill
  • The mock test allows you to understand the exam pattern and the types of questions that will be asked in the exam.
  • Confidence and stress management are two of the most important aspects of a student’s development, aside from subject knowledge. Mock tests can fuel your confidence.

6. Does the online mock test affects your neet exam?

Yes, online mock tests have an impact on your NEET preparation. Mock tests have the potential to both motivate and demotivate you. The outcome will be determined by your approach to the Mock test.

For example, if you are extremely confident in your NEET preparation but performed poorly on the first mock test you took, you will definitely feel the energy draining from you. But you should understand one NEET mock test is not enough to judge your capability of cracking NEET examination. So take the mock tests positively because end of the day NEET exam results decides your future in medical courses.

So don’t feel low or demotivated when you get low marks in the NEET mock tests. Instead focus on your aim and work hard. You can easily get through the NEET examination.

7. Does NTA provide mock test for NEET?

Yes, each subject has one mock test provided by NTA. NTA mock tests are free of charge and are taken by thousands of students every day. However, the NTA mock tests are more beneficial to students who have thoroughly completed the entire syllabus. Because there is no analysing section for NTA mock tests, and for the same reason, NEET experts do not recommend this to a beginner.

NEET Mock tests are designed to familiarise you with the exam pattern and types of questions. For a national level entrance examination like NEET, you should take more practise tests to improve your speed and accuracy. NTA offers only one mock test, and as a result, it cannot be considered beneficial to NEET students.

8. When to do neet mock tests and previous years?

There are no specific timings to start attending mock tests. However, before you begin your preparation, we recommend that you take a NEET mock test. So you’ll understand how hard you’ll have to work to get a good score in the NEET.

In terms of the second part, you should begin taking NEET mock tests at least one month before the NEET examination so that you have enough time to correct your mistakes and proceed. What we suggest you is to attend one mock test per week after starting your NEET preparation.

9. Where can I get free NEET mock test?

There are many online and offline sources for free NEET mock tests. Many of the platforms provide only paid mock tests. NTA provides one free mock tests each year but practising with NTA mock test cannot guarantee the desired result. So its always better to go for other platforms for NEET mock tests.

Basidia provides one free mock test for its users and these mock tests come with a detailed analysis board and an all India rank predictor. you could try attending the Basidia mock test from here.

10. Which online mock tests for neet excellent?

Basidia’s online NEET mock test series can give you excellent NEET result. Basidia’s New Build Neet Mock tests are designed in such a way that they closely resemble the actual exam pattern released by NTA. Basidia also includes a timer that counts down from 3 hours to help you improve your time management skills. Basidia mock test simulates the actual NEET exam, allowing you to improve your time, speed, and accuracy.

You will be given the opportunity to review the entire test at the end of each completed Mock Test. Each MCQ is accompanied by a detailed explanation, as well as key concepts and the NCERT reference. This allows you to thoroughly check attempted answers. The incorrect attempts can be reviewed and revised, ensuring that those errors do not reoccur in your NEET examination.

Aside from these in-depth test analyses, Basidia has an all-India rank predictor that can predict your rank based on your performance. What more could you want from a perfect NEET mock test series?

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