Mock Test is an integral part of NEET preparation. It is said by many experts and toppers that a student who frequently practices different mock tests can score good marks compared to the ones who never attempt mock tests. Usually, students rely on many high-quality sources like NCERT textbooks, Previous year questions, Free mock tests and other online resources to prepare for NEET. 

Every year the NTA conducts the NEET exam around May-June. Being an All India level examination, the competition for the same would be high. On average, every year almost 15 lakhs of students take up the NEET exam, Out of which only a few qualify for the top colleges. This huge number of applicants itself proves the competition. Hence it is very essential for the students to prepare with the best NEET Mock test series out there.

Basidia Learning provides the opportunity for students to attend a different number of mock tests for the betterment of results and to develop thorough subject knowledge. Our Mock tests are compiled by a number of subject experts, who have researched the NEET exam pattern in and out. Our mock tests are exact replicas of the NEET exam, with a time span of 3 hours and there will be detailed analytics shown at the end of the mock test to analyse your performance.

Why are mock tests important during NEET preparation?

 As mentioned above, NEET is a highly competitive exam that requires hard work, dedication, and passion and practice. Practice, practice and practise is the only way to score well for NEET. When it comes to practice, mock tests have an inevitable role. Attempting mock tests have a lot of proven benefits which are listed below

Benefits of taking NEET Mock Tests

  1. Familiarisation of the Exam Pattern
    Mock tests are prepared in such a way that it resembles the exact exam pattern. NEET comprises a total of 180 questions. There are 45 questions each from Physics and Chemistry. Biology comprises 90 questions. Familiarisation with the NEET exam pattern is a must since it would help you to plan well for the exam. 
  1. Exploration of different levels of questions
    One can expect different levels of questions for NEET. There could be easy questions that could come directly from the NCERT textbook, at the same time there could be questions of higher-order thinking level. Students should be well versed in both extremes. Attending mock tests helps in exploring the different levels of questions that could come up for the NEET.
  1. Develops time management skill
    NEET being a time-bound exam, it is important to keep track of time during the exam. Time management skill develops only with practice. There are a total of 180 questions for NEET and the total time is 3 hours i.e 180 minutes. This means that one would have just 1 minute per question. Spotting the easier questions and solving them quickly would save time. This talent of spotting the easier questions would develop only if you attempt mock tests.
  1. A great way of practice
    Attempting a mock test is one of the greatest ways of practice. One would get to revise the entire NEET syllabus. Mock tests usually consist of 180 questions. So attempting a mock test daily would expose students to 180 different questions on a daily basis. This itself is an effective method of practice and revision.
  1. Helps in performance analysis
    The main advantage of attempting a mock test online is instant results and feedback. Based on the scores obtained in mock tests, one can assess the effectiveness of NEET preparations. Every mock test attempted should be considered as a chance to improve. Identifying the mistakes and making a note of the same would help avoid the same mistakes in the future.

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Some NEET preparation tips from our Academic team

  1. Understand the exam pattern
  2. Draft your timetable
  3. Prepare with high-quality resources
  4. Practice sections
  5. Schedule your revisions

And read a lot more tips and tricks for your NEET exam

Why take Basidia’s Mock Test?

“In the year 2020 for the NEET exam out of 180 questions, 168 questions were asked directly from the Basidia Learning App. That proves the highest strike rate”

Basidia is a learning platform introduced in the year 2019. The quality of Basidia’s academic contents proves the dedication and the hard work put forward by a group of Doctors and Engineers who work day and night for the betterment of the upcoming generation. 

Basidia has a long set of mock tests which are exact replicas of the NEET exam, with the features of bookmark and review option in it. The preview option helps you to review the wrong answer and find the correct solution with a well-pleasing simplified explanation for your better understanding. The bookmark feature allows you to bookmark significant questions along with a detailed explanation for your future reference. 

Some facts about Basidia’s Mock Tests

  • In the year 2020 for the NEET exam out of 180 questions, 168 questions were asked directly from our App. That proves the highest strike rate.
  • Detailed solution for each question.
  • Image-based questions explained with well labelled illustrative images.
  • A scorecard at the end of the mock test will help you judge your performance and is an indicator of how good your preparations are.

Hard work, passion, dedication and practice are the key points to success in NEET. Attending a mock test every day would help in bringing your NEET preparations to a higher level. Good scores in mock tests indicate that your preparations are on the right track. Low scores in mock tests should be considered as a chance to improve further and modify your preparation strategies. 

NEET Mock Test FAQs

When should I start practising on mock tests?

When you complete 50% of the total NEET syllabus, you can start practising the mock tests. 

Are the Mock Tests enough for cracking the NEET?

No. Mock Test is just one of the essential parts of the NEET preparation, added along with other preparation strategies. Mock tests are meant for practising time management and getting a better understanding of the exam pattern along with the revision of your topics.

How many questions will be there from each section in the NEET exam?

NEET question paper comprises 45 questions from Chemistry, 45 questions from Physics and 90 questions from Biology. In total 180 questions will be asked from all three subjects.

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