Early NEET preparation benefits you more than short-time preparation. Students usually start their NEET preparation soon after the class 10 board examination. This helps them a lot in their NEET preparation. Dates for NEET 2023 are not yet announced but most of the students are expecting the NTA to announce the date towards 2022 December end.

Aspirants in class 11 or 12 who wish to take the NEET 2023 must begin their preparation early in order to achieve the desired results. Early NEET 2023 preparation would keep aspirants one step ahead of the competitive examination. NEET preparation needs proper planning. However, there are several tips and techniques that will help you to navigate your studies and recall concepts easily. Going through this article before starting with your NEET 2023 preparation would undoubtedly benefit you.

NEET 2023 Highlights

Date for NEET 2023Not yet announced
NEET 2023 Application Form ReleaseNot yet announced
Last date to submit the NEET applicationNot yet announced
NEET 2023 admit card release Not yet announced
SubjectsPhysics, Chemistry & Biology
Marks-1 for every incorrect choice & +4 for all correct answers

Before starting your NEET 2023 preparation

The best way to crack the NEET examination is thorough preparation. Before starting the NEET 2023 preparation the students must grab all study resources and they should draft a timetable that suits their preparation. Study materials can help you to be thorough with the syllabus and a perfect study plan helps you to track your preparation.

NCERT textbooks are the best and the first study material for NEET but it is highly recommended to use high-quality NEET preparation study materials along with it. Since it is the most effective way to crack the NEET examination neatly.

A study planner can be prepared after analyzing the syllabus and the high weightage topics. Segregate the topics/concepts according to their weightage and give more importance to tougher concepts. Conduct daily revisions and mark your performance level in the study planner. This will help you to improve yourself.

11 Preparation Tips for NEET 2023

Coming to the NEET if you are determined enough you can easily crack the NEET examination. Go through the tips mentioned below to get a complete idea about the NEET preparation.

1. Learn the Syllabus

The vastness of the NEET syllabus is a major reason that makes the NEET tougher. If you have a good idea about the syllabus. It will make your study process easier. It even helps you to focus on exact areas that need special attention. The NEET Exam covers the NCERT Syllabus. If you are thorough with the Class 11 & 12 NCERT syllabus, NEET is going to be the most easier exam.

Check out the NEET 2023 syllabus here

2. Choose high quality study materials

Effective study material can craft your NEET preparation beautifully and it can you better results. Choosing the right study material for NEET preparation is definitely going to work wonders. Choosing the best study material from a long list would be a bit confusing but following the below-mentioned instructions can help you to choose the right materials wisely.

How to choose a good study material?

  • Watch topper’s interviews so that you will get an idea about the study materials they referred to.
  • Talk with NEET experts and your school teachers.
  • Talk with your senior students.

Highly recommended study materials

  1. Basidia Learning
    Professional doctors, engineers, and subject matter experts are the master brains behind each and every NEET content in Basidia. Basidia also follow a precise NCERT syllabus after analyzing the previous year’s question papers and pre-medical exam patterns to guarantee your time is spent only on useful learning.

    Despite the fact that there are several study resources available on the market, Basidia approaches the NEET examination in a unique way. The NCERT textbooks assist you in covering the entire NEET syllabus, and the other materials indicated above might assist you in thoroughly practicing the ideas.

    Basidia is a place where high-quality education and successful practice sessions can be found. Basidia’s features are both unique and user-friendly. When compared to books, Basidia can provide the best results.
  2. Concepts of Physics, part 1 and 2: H.C, Verma
    “Concepts of Physics” was written by Dr. H C Verma and published by Bharati Bhavan. The book is divided into two sections. The first volume covers mechanics, waves, and optics, while the second covers thermodynamics, electromagnetics, and current physics. Students appreciate the book’s vast substance, simple language, clear principles, and lack of errors.
  3. Physical Chemistry: O.P. Tandon
    OP Tandon (Physical Chemistry) makes Physical Chemistry simple and engaging for students studying for competitive exams. OP Tandon’s Physical Chemistry is a must-have for anyone studying for Medical/Engineering admission exams.
  4. Objective Biology (volumes 1 & 2): G.R. Bathla
    It is a complete book for students in class 12 who want to pursue an undergraduate degree in medicine.It corresponds to the most recent syllabus issued by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, and it provides students with a thorough exposure to the topics.

Click here to know more about the best study materials for NEET

3. Create a Study Planner

Following a pre-planned timetable helps you to focus more on your goal. Set targets in your study planner and cover them accordingly. Make sure that you complete the daily targets and add remarks on your preparation every day. Here we are providing you with an abstract idea of creating a timetable.

Drafting your study planner

  1. Make the list of all high weightage chapters
  2. Segregate them according to their importance
  3. Create a seperate coloumn for adding daily remarks
  4. Mark the time you took to complete each subject.
  5. Rate your preparation on all weekends.

Click here for a one-year NEET study planner

4. Prepare Notes

Maintain a notebook for adding all important data such as theorems, principles, etc. Add short notes while preparing and these notes can be used for last-minute reading. This is a great way to improve your memory skills.

Directions for Note Making

  1. Use differnet coloured markers and pens to add important points.
  2. Create special coloumns to add different formulas.
  3. Neatly maintain the notebook
  4. Always carry this book with your preparation materials.
  5. Use this notebook as your basic preparation material.

5. Regular Revisions

Conduct revisions after completing each chapter. This will help you study subjects deeply. Use mock tests and practice tests to conduct revisions. You can even use basidia’s custom test feature to create your own tests. This helps you to get a tight grasp on concepts.

Points to be noted

  • While conducting revisions, concentrate more on weaker portions.
  • Don’t skip formulas, derivations, etc.
  • Mechanisms should be revised thoroughly.
  • Write and practice the formulas

6. Practice NEET MCQs

Time management is a serious concern while coming to NEET. the NEET exam is of 180 minutes and students needs to answer 180 questions in these 180 minutes. That is, a NEET candidate gets only one minute for answering one question. To answer one question in one minute, students need a lot of practice. The complicated questions of NEET can be dealt with easily if practiced properly. You can use Basidia to schedule your revisions.

Points to be noted

7. Subject- Wise NEET Preparation

Subject-wise preparation is an innovative way to grasp the NEET topics thoroughly. Applying the same strategy to all the subjects is a bit risky. Each subject needs to be treated differently. Let’s look at the preparation tips for each subject.

Physics Preparation

The Physics section, which is the most difficult of all, requires an in-depth understanding of each concept. This section consists of 45 questions worth 180 marks. Check out the guidelines for Physics preparation.

  • Problem solving is the best way to score good marks in Physics. So, spend more time on problem solving.
  • Instead of memorising formulas, try to deduce and comprehend how they work.
  • Analyse the previous trend and concentrate more on hot topics/concepts
  • Take brief notes and don’t forget to add formulas also.

Check out this detailed blog on – How to Study for Physics NEET?

Chemistry Preparation

The chemistry section of the NEET exam includes 45 mandatory questions worth 180 marks, comprising three sections: organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry. Read the below-mentioned points to get an idea about the NEET chemistry preparation.

  • Create different tricks to memorise the periodic table
  • Learn the reaction mechanism thoroughly so that you can predict the outcome of any reaction.
  • Concentrate more on frequently asked questions
  • attend a practice test after completing each topic

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Biology Preparation

This section contains 90 mandatory questions worth 360 marks, and it is true that the aspirants should pay special attention to Biology. The Biology section is divided into Zoology & Botany. Check out the preparation guidelines for Biology

  • Since Biology has more theory part, write and learn each concept multiple times. This will help you to get a good subject grasp.
  • After learning a topic, answer practise questions to assess your understanding of it.
  • Pay close attention to diagrams because the majority of exam questions are related to one or more diagrams.
  • Most of the questions will be asked directly from NCERT, so don’t ignore NCERt questions.

Correlation with school topics

The NEET syllabus covers all of your class 12th Physics, Chemistry, and Biology concepts and topics. So it would be easy for you to prepare for NEET along with the school topics. We would like to share some tips to conduct NEET revisions along with the school topics, without affecting your board exam.

8. Use NCERT Textbooks More

Learning from NCERt textbooks helps you to get a good score in your board examinations as well as the NEET examination. You can use online platforms like Basidia learning to prepare for both the board examination and the NEET examination. Basidia’s contents are completely based on the NCERT syllabus and it helps you to have a smooth and clear preparation.

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9. Solve long theoretical answers & Quick calculation-based problems

Board exams have a step-by-step marking scheme, and you must write in points, flowcharts, and diagrams as part of your answers. In NEET, you simply want the answer in the shortest amount of time using rough calculations. It is recommended to utilise more time on calculations.

10. Don’t get Tensed or Stressed

it might be a little stressful when preparing for board and NEET together, but if you have the passion and dedication to crack the NEET and to score good marks in NEET, you could do it easily. Have faith in yourself and be confident. There is nothing impossible if you have the true desire to do it.

11. Managing the Pressure

Exam stress is very common among students and in most of the studied cases, exam stress has affected the students adversely. It is highly recommended to keep your mind calm. A calm mind can only learn new concepts deeply. So let’s see how can we manage the exam pressure easily.


It is a great way to overcome any kind of pressure or stress. While preparing for high stakes exams like NEET, the student should be mentally healthy. Expert life coaches suggest that students practice daily meditation to keep themselves relaxed. They say even 10 minutes of meditation per day can help you focus and stay in the present moment.

Get Enough Sleep

If you think that you can perform well by reducing the sleeping hours then you are wrong. Minimum 8 hours of sleep is mandatory. Sleep allows your mind to recharge and allows you to stay alert while studying during the day. So don’t compromise on sleep.

Stay Positive

Don’t fall for any negative reviews from your friends or families. There are people who like to demotivate others. Some might compare you with your seniors or friends who couldn’t crack the examination. Don’t listen to such kinds of loose talks. If you have faith in yourself and if you are ready for hard work, you are going to crack the NEET examination.

Have a Balanced Diet

Include. more cereals and pulses in your diet. Try having more leafy vegetables, this can have a good impact on your physical as well as mental health. Taking a proper diet can help you get enough sleep and it relaxes your mind. Reduce fat intake, more fatty food can make you feel drowsy.

Experts Advice

It has been said by many toppers that the secret behind their success is planning. They had a proper preparation plan for their examination and they were following it genuinely. The Experts says that using high-quality study materials and following a well-drafted timetable can help you to crack the NEET examination at ease. The next part is the passion, if you have that immense passion for your dream medical career believe us you are going to get into a reputed medical college so soon.

Bottom Line

We hope the preparation methods discussed above will have a great impact on your preparation routine. We recommend you get Basidia – The best NEET Preparation App on your phone and start your NEET preparation from today. For any concerns and preparation helps reach out to us on +91-8047187248.

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