Chemistry can be a favourite subject for some NEET aspirants and a dreadful subject for others. It all depends on the approach. Basidia students found chemistry to be moderate in this past year’s NEET UG 2022 exam. Although the questions were doable, students found that they took more time to solve these questions.Inorganic chemistry from class 11 was the highest tested topic this year followed closely by organic chemistry and physical chemistry from class 12. This goes to show the importance of class 11 subjects as well. 

Basidia offered a unique advantage for students with 37 MCQs from our modules with similar concepts being repeated and 7 similar questions from Basidia mock tests appearing on the NEET UG 2022 exam. In fact, 3 questions were exact repeats with even the same multiple choice options. With Basidia, students would have scored 89% on their exams in chemistry. This is why studying questions most likely to appear on the exam is important. Remember, study smarter, not harder! Make the most out of your time by studying high-yield concepts that have been frequently repeated on exams first. Once these topics are solidified, solve MCQs to become confident in these concepts! Make sure to repeatedly revise these topics through notes and Basidia’s keys section to keep these concepts fresh in your mind. Now what are you waiting for? Basidia’s chemistry MCQs are waiting for you!

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