NEET examination 2021 will be held on the 12th of September in different exam centers across the country. The vast syllabus of the NEET examination just proves that the one who is planning to write the NEET must start their preparation as early as possible and the last-minute rush may not help them to score good marks.

Since the NEET is the only way to get into a medical college, lakhs and lakhs of aspirants attend the NEET examination every year and this just increases the competition level of the NEET examination. NEET examination is conducted in pen-paper mode and the answers are marked in the OMR sheet using a Black or Blue ink ballpoint pen. The NEET examination follows the NCERT syllabus, so the NCERT textbooks can be considered as the best study material for NEET. 

It would be difficult for the candidates to crack the NEET examination with one month of preparation but if the candidate can work hard and cover the whole syllabus in this short span of time, there are chances that they can get through the NEET examination with good marks but still, the risk factors persist as the same.

Experts say that a minimum of 50 days of preparation is a must for cracking the NEET examination with good scores. Let’s stick to the phrase – “No time is too late” and go through the strategies that can be implemented to score well in NEET with one month of preparation. 

  • Search for the high weightage topics
  • Create a timetable 
  • Find effective study materials
  • Maintain revision notes
  • Daily revisions
  • Attend Mock Tests 
  • Work out previous year question papers
  • Give yourself some rest 
  • Have confidence 

Good preparation can yield you good results, so take each step with the utmost care, since you have very little time. 

1. Start With High Weightage NEET Topics

You have very little time for NEET preparation so it’s highly recommended to start with high weightage topics of each subject so that you will be able to cover the important topics and that helps you to score well in the NEET examination. Check the below table for the high weightage topics of each subject.

NEET Biology (Botany/Zoology) Chapters

Class 11

Diversity in Living WorldThe Living WorldBiological ClassificationPlant KingdomAnimal Kingdom

Structural Organization in Plants and AnimalsMorphology of Flowering PlantsAnatomy of flowering plants structural Organisation in Animals

Cell Structure and FunctionCell: The Unit of Life Biomolecules Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Plant PhysiologyTransport in PlantsMineral NutritionPhotosynthesis in Higher PlantsRespiration in PlantsPlant Growth and Development

Human PhysiologyDigestion and AbsorptionBreathing and Exchange of GasesBody Fluids and CirculationExcretory Products and Their EliminationLocomotion and MovementNeural Control and CoordinationChemical Coordination and Integration

Class 12

    UNITS        CHAPTERS          WEIGHTAGE (%)
ReproductionReproduction  in OrganismsSexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsHuman ReproductionReproductive Health

Genetics and EvolutionPrinciples of Inheritance and VariationMolecular Basis of InheritanceEvolution
Biology and Human WelfareHuman Health and DiseaseStrategies for Enhancement of Food ProductionMicrobes in Human Welfare

Biotechnology and Its ApplicationsBiotechnology: Principles and ProcessesBiotechnology and Its Applications

Ecology and EnvironmentOrganisms and PopulationsEcosystemBiodiversity and ConservationEnvironmental Issues

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NEET Chemistry Chapterwise Weightage

Class 11

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry               3
Structure Of Atoms              2.5
Periodic Properties of Elements              2
Chemical Bonding              6.4
States of Matter              2.3
Thermodynamics               3.1
Equilibrium              4.5
Redox Reactions              1.7
Hydrogen              0.6
s- block Elements              3.4
p –  Block Elements (Group 13 and Group 14)              1.7
Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles & Techniques              4.8
Hydrocarbons              4.7
Environmental Chemistry              1.1

Class 12

Solid State    1.7
Solutions    3.4
Electrochemistry    2.7
Chemical Kinetics    3.8
Surface Chemistry    4.2
General Principles and Process Of Isolation of Elements    4.2
P Block Elements      5
The d-block and f-block Elements    2.2
Coordination Compounds    6.1
Haloalkanes  and Haloarenes    3.4
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers    4.5
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acid    5.8
Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen    3.3
Biomolecules    3.3
Polymers    2.3
Chemistry in Everyday Life    1.3

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NEET Physics Chapterwise Weightage

Physical World and Measurement    2.3
Motion In A Straight Line    2.4
Motion In A Plane    2.6
Laws Of Motion    4.5
Work, Energy & Power      3
Motion Of System Of Particles And Rigid Body    4.7
Gravitation    4.4
Mechanical Properties Of Solids    1.8
Mechanical Properties Of Fluids    1.9
Thermal Properties Of Matter      2
Thermodynamics     4.7
Behaviour Of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory    2
Oscillations    3
Waves    3.8
Electric Charges & Fields    1.8
Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance    3.6
Current Electricity    7.4
Moving Charges and Matter    2.3
Alternating Current    2.2
Electromagnetic Induction    2.3
Electromagnetic Waves    2.6
Wave Optics    3.6
Ray Optics  5.9
Dual Nature Of Matter & Radiation  5.6
Nuclei  2.7
Atoms  4.5
Semiconductor Electronics  7.7

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2. Create a Perfect Timetable 

A timetable is the foundation of preparation, it helps you to track your preparation. With the help of a well-drafted timetable, you can plan your studies ahead without missing any topics. Follow the below steps to prepare a timetable 

  • Check thoroughly  for the topics in all three subjects.
  • Segregate the topics into three categories and give them taglines as Cold, Warm and Hot.
  • Cold should include the topics that have least weightage..
  • Add the moderate weightage  topics under the Warm tagline.
  • The hot tagline should include high weightage chapters.
  • Begin from the Hot topics 

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3. NEET Study Materials

NCERT is the first and best study material for the NEET examination but experts suggest that in order to score good marks in NEET, candidates should use other quality materials along with NCERT. Since the NEET is a highly competitive examination, you need to try all possible ways to gain good marks. 

High-Quality Study material you can completely rely on -:

Basidia Learning: The highest strike rate of Basidia in NEET 2020 makes us the most unique and reliable source for NEET preparation. For the NEET 2020, 168 out of 180 questions were directly from Basidia’s test series. The chapter-wise segregation and detailed explanations help the students to understand concepts deeply. 

4 . Conduct Daily Revisions 

Revision helps you to remember the concepts, equations, etc. Revision helps you to have a deep grip on the topic and daily revision increases your confidence. Attend practice tests after completing each topic. Analyse your mistakes, work on them and learn them thoroughly. 

5. Attend Mock Tests

Mock Tests are model tests conducted on various platforms for practising the exam pattern. These kinds of tests help you to have a better understanding of the exam pattern, the type of questions asked etc. Attending Mock Tests often can improve your time management and other exam writing skills.

6. Previous Year question paper workout

Previous year question papers give you an abstract idea about the syllabus. You can check and analyse the important concepts that have been asked very frequently and practising with the previous year question papers increases the probability of cracking the NEET examination. 

7. Give Yourself Some Rest

Since this is last minute preparation you need to sit for long hours with your study materials and this can exhaust you. Sleep at least for 7 hours a day, take intervals in between, so that you won’t get bored, have proper food, don’t ignore your health, remember health always comes first so take care of yourself first. 

8. Have Confidence 

It is said that ‘Self-confidence is the best outfit one can wear. Confidence is the root of success, it can work through wonders. Students should be self-confident and they should have faith in themselves. A confident mind is more likely to move forward and it strengthens you, gives you the courage to overcome obstacles in your path. Be confident always, Chant – “I can do this, I will do this” each time you face difficulty in moving forward. 

If you work hard with dedication and determination, you can crack the NEET examination as easy as pie. We wish you all the best for your preparation as well as your future. 

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