Yes, the NEET exam (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) is one of the toughest national medical entrance exams in India. NEET is made even more difficult by the fact that competition is intense and admissions seats are limited.

Each year, the number of applicants grows, and so does the cut-off.  As a result, it becomes even more difficult. Despite the fact that this exam is tough, a proper approach and dedicated studying can help you crack NEET at ease.

For the NEET 2021 majority of the questions were asked directly from NCERT textbooks and this made all the sections a bit easier for the candidates. According to NEET 2020 candidates, the exam was moderate for them while compared with NEET 2019.

There are many factors that affect the difficulty level of the NEET examination. Here in this article, we are discussing some factors that make NEET a real tough examination.

10 Reasons which Makes a NEET Tough Exam

  1. Subject Combinatins
  2. High Participation
  3. The Time Gap
  4. Different Syllabus Compared to State Boards
  5. Changes in the Exam Pattern
  6. Last Minute Preparation
  7. Lack of Plan
  8. Lack of Self Confidence
  9. Absence of Proper Notes
  10. Negative Marking

1. Subject Combinations

NEET examination comprises three science subject concepts. Which are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Class 11 and Class 12. The majority of the questions are based on derivations, chemical equations, and numerical problems. These need a lot of practice and timely preparation. Guidance from a genuine NEET expert can assist you in dealing with this easily. According to the majority of students, physics has the most difficult questions of the two. Chemistry and biology aren’t easy either, but with a lot of practice and clear concepts, the difficulty of these subjects can be reduced.

2. High Participation

Every year, over 16 lakh students take the NEET examination, and this number is expected to rise in the coming years. This intensifies the level of competitiveness. The data provided below will assist you in analyzing the previous year’s rise in NEET participation.

  • When compared to the NEET Exam 2018, there was a 14.52 percent rise in the number of students taking the NEET 2019.
  • 14 lakhs candidates registered for the NEET 2019 examiantion and out of it 7,97,042 candidates qualified for the NEET 2019 exam. For the NEET 2020 15 lakhs students have registered and for NEET 2021 it was 16 lakhs.

This is also a factor that causes to increase in the competition level of the NEET examination. However, if a student is well prepared and determined, he can easily crack the NEET examination.

3. The Time Gap

The NEET examination is usually conducted two months after the board examination and this shorter time period is another factor that makes the NEET examination more difficult. Let’s see how.

As it is said above, the gap between final examinations and NEET will be two months, and the NEET syllabus is vast. It is difficult for students to study for the exam in such a short amount of time. Even if they start their preparation from class 12, it would be difficult for them to complete the whole syllabus on time.

4. Different Syllabus Compared to State/Other Board

The NCERT syllabus varies from the state syllabus. NEET is following the NCERT syllabus and this makes the NEET examination difficult for the state board students. State students should prepare for NEET separately using the NCERT textbooks and that’s some extra effort & pressure if they are preparing for NEET along with their board examination. Even though the topics are almost the same, the content inside differs and this is another setback for state board students.

5. Changes in the Exam Pattern

The authority will make the changes in the NEET exam pattern without any prior notice. This has happened many times, even the last time for NEET 2021 the authority had introduced two different sections for all the subjects, and even the Biology was split into Botany and Zoology with two sub-sections for each. These changes were announced one month before the examination and It caused a lot of confusion among the students.

6. Last Minute Preparation

Early preparation can help the students to score good marks in any examination. Coming to NEET early preparation can work wonders. Last-minute preparation is less effective and there are chances for you to miss some concepts.

Start with the eleventh-grade concepts soon after your 10th class result. This will help you to get a good grip on the NEET syllabus. You can use different NEET study materials and even attend mock tests to improve your NEET preparation

7. Lack of Plan

A study plan creates a method to deal with the vast syllabus of the NEET. You can set daily goals in the study plan and this could help you to track your preparation. Having an effective plan can make you feel organized and planned regular studies can reduce the stress level.

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8. Lack of Self-Confidence

Confidence is a must for NEET preparation, the candidate should never lose hope. A candidate should not be worried because passing this exam is not tough if a person is confident in their approach. It may be difficult to achieve, whether you are a dropout or a graduate student if you lack self-confidence and determination. So don’t give up.

9. Absence of Proper Notes

Making notes while studying is one of the most efficient strategies to improve your memory. You can jot down key elements from a chapter in a notepad and review them as needed. You can use these prepared notes for revision purposes and as a quick study material. The absence of proper notes is also a factor that makes NEET examination difficult.

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10. Negative Marking

NEET has a negative marking system, It is an exam with a scoring system of +4 for correct answers and -1 for wrong answers. This grading method makes the NEET much more difficult. Students should be very careful while answering each question in the NEET examination. This is another factor that makes the NEET examination more difficult.

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Each Mark Matters in NEET Exam

In the NEET examination, a single mark might make the difference between hundreds or even thousands of ranks. The table given below will give you an idea about this.

Marks in NEET 2020 All India Rank in NEET 2020Rank DropThe average number of ranks lost with every one mark less obtained.
70090AIR falls by 80 ranks as a result of 10 marks less acquired.8 All India Ranks
691230As a result of 10 marks less obtained, AIR drops by 80 ranks.15 All India Ranks
680676AIR drops 446 ranks as a result of 11 marks less secured.41 All India Ranks
6503812AIR falls 3136 ranks as a result of 30 marks less obtained105 All India Ranks
630864420 marks less scored, AIR goes down by 4832 ranks242 All India Ranks
60020417AIR drops 4832 ranks as a result of 20 marks fewer scored.315 All India Ranks
55147948AIR falls by 27531 ranks as a result of 49 marks less scored.562 All India Ranks
451130369AIR falls 82691 ranks as a result of 100 marks less scored.827 All India Ranks
**The above data is acquired from a third party website

Some Tips to Make Your NEET Preparation Smoother

  • Focus more on weaker topics
  • Attend different mock test series
  • Practice with previous year question papers
  • Do a thorough paper analysis
  • Create a relasitic time table
  • Take proper rest and follow a healthy diet

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If you’re curious to know if NEET is a difficult exam, you should also explore what you can do to make it easier. You will pass the exam if you work hard and prepare according to a plan. Stop worrying about the difficulty level of the NEET examination. Focus on your goal.

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