NEET is the one and only medical entrance exam to get into a medical seat in India. Yearly conducted pan India exam is attended by more than 15 lakhs of students at different exam centres allotted by the authority. Scoring 500 or more marks in the NEET examination will help the candidate to get into a reputed medical college. The difficulty level of the NEET examination is hard so is the competition. The experts suggest intense preparation as the remedy to overcome the tight competition. 

If you are ready to work hard with fervent dedication, scoring 500 would be like cutting a cheesecake. If perfect preparation methods are implemented even a slow grasper can gain more than 500 in the NEET examination. There are many institutions that provide NEET coaching for a good sum of money but what we would suggest is self-preparation. Self-preparation under the guidance of any high-quality study material helps you to explore and thereby you can dig deep into the concepts. 

There are some tips and tricks that can be implemented in your preparation for getting 500+ in the NEET examination.

8 Tips to score 500+ in NEET Exam

  1. Have a thorough check on NEET syllabus 
  2. Check for high weightage chapters
  3. Create a timetable for your NEET Preparation
  4. Use High quality study materials 
  5. Prepare Notes
  6. Continuous revision
  7. Attend NEET Mock Tests 
  8. Grow confidence

Experts suggest creating a study planner and moving your preparation accordingly because a well-planned NEET study planner helps you to cover each topic without missing the essence of preparation. Even Though we get many ready-made study planners online, it’s suggested to alter it according to your ease of preparation.

The preparation methods vary from person to person and each one of you handles the preparation in different manners. The tips mentioned in this write-up are created after analyzing different scenarios of students from different walks of life.  Tips are well briefed below to give you a better understanding of the methods we expect you to follow so as to improve your scores.

1. Have a thorough check on the syllabus.

The syllabus is the primary content needed for the preparation and you need to be thorough with it. Without a proper understanding of the NEET syllabus, you won’t be able to plan your preparation. The understanding of the syllabus includes, what all topics you need to cover, the books you need to choose, the concept analysis, etc. It gives you a better idea of the kind of questions that can be expected for the NEET examination.

2. Check for high weightage chapters

The NEET examination follows a certain question pattern and according to it, the authority has decided to include the number of questions or the amount of content that can be asked from each chapter and this is called the weightage. Each chapter has a particular weightage and it varies from chapter to chapter. The weightage of chapters predicts the importance of it, so it would be a wise idea to segregate the chapters according to their weightage. It is suggested to start your portions from high-weightage chapters.

NEET Physics chapter wise weightage
Physics NEET weightage
NEET chemistry chapter wise weightage
Chemistry NEET Weightage
NEET Biology chapter wise weightage
Biology NEET Weightage

3. Create a Timetable for your NEET preparation

A timetable is a much-needed requirement in exam preparation, especially for NEET. It helps you to schedule your study plans. You can draft a timetable as per your needs. We could suggest some steps to create an effective timetable but as mentioned earlier the preparation style and pattern varies from person to person and the procedure given below is general. You can make changes to it as per your need.

Timetable Preparation for NEET

  • Check for the topics in all four subjects.
  • Segregate the topics into three types and give them taglines as Cold, Warm and Hot.
  • Cold should include the easy topics or the topics you are proficient in.
  • Include the moderate topics under the Warm tagline.
  • The hot tagline should include time-consuming or hard topics that are difficult to understand.

Now set a target score to achieve and the process begins here.

Create four different sections in your timetable

  • Place the topics which are assigned as cold in the first section of the timetable, fill the second section with the topics assigned under Warm, Fill the third section with the topics assigned under the Hot tagline.
  • Dedicate the fourth column for adding reviews on your preparation thus you can improve yourself by referring to it.

The timetable is completely drafted now, next is execution

  • Start the day with the topics which come under the cold tagline.
  • Beginning with the cold topics would give you the confidence to face the Warm and hot topics fearlessly.
  • Dedicate more time to the Hot topics and revise them thoroughly everyday.
  • Include the previous years question papers in the Warm tag. Try solving almost all the questions from the previous years question paper and check with the answer key.

Try creating your own tests using previous year question papers and attend it yourself.

4. High quality study materials

Selecting the best study material is a crucial part of the preparation. There are some factors you need to check before choosing your study material. The first part is to always search for the reviews from last year’s students. The second is to check the strike rate of desired study material. You can do that by cross-checking the contents of the study material with the previous year’s question papers.

We always recommend you to use Basidia as the first study material along with your NCERT textbooks. We have proved our strike rate in NEET 2020 that is 168 questions out of 180 were directly from our Test series.

5. Notes Preparation

Notes are an integral part of your NEET preparation. Preparing notes will help you to have deep knowledge of the concept and the same notes can be used for revision purposes also. You can include important points, tricks, and different shortcuts in your notes. The notes should be handy so that you can use the notes for last-minute reading and quick revision purposes. Don’t forget to include different formulas and you can use different colored highlighters to highlight the important points.

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6. Continuous Revision

Revision helps you to master the concepts. It’s a practice that always makes you perfect, the more you practice, the better you become. Regular revisions should be conducted and it is advised to conduct revision after completing each topic. Revision helps you to improve your memory skills and it helps you to have a good knowledge of the concepts.

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7. Attend Mock Tests

The mock tests can be considered as trial examinations and can be attended frequently for improving your exam skills including time management. Mock tests are made exactly like real exams to give students a feel of real exams and these tests help you to understand the exam pattern thereby providing you with a complete idea of how to approach the NEET. It helps you to find out your weak points and turn those into your strengths.

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8. Grow confidence

Confidence is the most essential quality you should develop. Imagine that you prepared well for the examination and on reaching a tricky question you become so confused. You know the exact answer but still, you have double thoughts on it. You might sit with it for some time and that will definitely affect your time management.

But if you are confident enough, you would be facing the question without any extra thought. If you don’t have the confidence, Have faith in yourself, believe that if you work hard you can do it perfectly. These are some tips that you can use for scoring 500 marks in the NEET examination. 

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Some demotivating factors that affect your NEET preparation 

  1. Pressure from parents
    This is a very common factor that affects most of the students. Your parents might question some of your decisions, but try to make them understand  your plans so that they  can support you in all possible ways.
  2. Failure stories from seniors
    The talents differ from person to person. If you prepare well and attempt the exam with full dedication, you are going to crack the NEET examination at ease.It’s very common that the students who don’t prepare well will face difficulties in the exam and we might not be able to figure out what is right and what is wrong. So don’t  fall for others’ stories.
  3. Learning Environment
    Our environment impacts both positively and negatively so we always choose a better environment for studying. Clean your study table and study space regularly, maintain your books and study materials neat and clean.
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