Revision in simple words can be explained as Revisiting the concepts learnt. Revision plays an inevitable role while preparing for a competitive exam like NEET. Experts suggest two main advantages of revision. The first one is a recollection of concepts and the second is boosting confidence. Toppers often claim revision as their secret to topping the NEET Rank list.

The majority of the students who are preparing for the NEET exam often fail to understand the importance of revision and often end up in a state of depression wherein they question their recollecting capacity.

It is at this point that students find the Basidia Learning app as their best companion. Concepts, purely based on NCERT are well segregated and explained in simple language so as to make the process of learning easy. Basidia app has an exclusive segment on revision wherein revisions can be scheduled soon after completing a set of MCQs or Mock tests.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts NEET (UG) once in every year. The competition for the NEET exam is beyond imagination since every year around 15 lakhs of students appear for the NEET exam. The huge number of applicants itself proves the competition rate. 

What is Revision?

As mentioned earlier, revision can be considered as revisiting the learnt concepts. According to educationalists, revision means ‘to read things again. The word revision can be split into two- “Re” meaning again and “vision” meaning see. It is important that you need to read and understand the concepts at least once before revision because only then revision makes sense.

Why is Revision important for NEET Preparation?

The revision process is an essential aspect of NEET preparation. The habit of revising should build in time from day one of your preparation. Lack of proper revision makes the entire effort put in vain as the students would not be able to recollect concepts. 

The importance of NEET revision can be given as follows:

  • Brushing up of concepts studied earlier
  • Better understanding of the concepts
  • Better recollection of concepts
  • Improves retaining capacity
  • Improves subject knowledge 

How to Revise for NEET Exam 2022?

Revision is the key to success in the NEET exam. There are certain strategies to be followed to make revisions effective and efficient. Given below are some of the revision techniques followed by the NEET toppers during their days of NEET preparation. 

1. Make a Revision schedule

The first step before beginning your preparation for the NEET exam is that you need to draft a timetable for yourself. It is important to allocate two slots, particularly for revision. The time slots can be based on your convenience but it is advisable to have one revision slot in the morning, before beginning the day’s preparation and one in the evening, at the end of the day’s preparations.

2. Use Notes wisely

Preparation of notes while studying a particular concept is very essential. These notes alone would suffice for revision. While preparing notes keep the below points in mind:

  • Notes should be neat and tidy
  • Try to break down complex sentences and write them in simple sentences, preferably in the form of bullets.
  • Highlight important points
  • Assign a separate notebook for formulas
  • Use different colour pens while writing headings or subheadings

3. Be thorough with NCERT

The base for NEET preparation is considered to be NCERT textbooks. Frequent revision of NCERT textbooks of Physics, Biology and Chemistry is found to be an efficient method for better recollection of concepts.

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4. Practice, practice and practice

Practice as many questions as you can during the revision slot. This will help you judge how good you are at remembering concepts and formulas. If you are unable to recollect, you can refer to your notes and make concepts clear in a better way. 

5. Resolution of doubts

It is only when you revise certain concepts, you will get to think deeper about the subject and most often you end up with a variety of questions, to which you may not be able to find an answer. In such instances, do not hesitate to seek help from your teachers or friends. Do not pile up your doubts. It is a must to get all your doubts cleared from the previous concept before moving on to a new concept. 

6. Do not cheat yourself

Never keep things pending for the next day. Students often say “I will do it tomorrow”, but unfortunately tomorrow never comes. Missing a day’s revision messes up your entire preparation plan. Piling up concepts for the next day would only help you in building up unwanted stress and anxiety. Revise daily and keep stress at bay.

How can Basidia help you in NEET Revision?

“In the year 2020 for the NEET exam out of 180 questions, 168 questions were asked directly from the Basidia Learning  App. That proves the highest strike rate”

Basidia Learning App can be considered as the one-stop destination for all your NEET needs. We always have understood the requirements of students and developed our app with a lot of features to aid your revisions and boost up your NEET preparation. Given below are some of the features of Basidia which can smoothen your revision process.

  1. Keys – Concepts curated in the simplest form. Keys are considered to be high yield points that can help you in scoring well. Concepts are put down in simple language. Based on the analysis of the past ten years NEET question paper, Keys are segregated as Hot, Cold and Warm. Revising keys multiple times gives you a better idea of the concept and also improves your recollection capacity.
  1. Lessons – When you get bored with your routine preparations, you can rely on lessons to make your preparations interesting. In the lessons segment, concepts are explained in the form of stories incorporating real-life examples.
    This segment helps you understand concepts in-depth with multiple examples along with illustrative images. Concepts are broken down into different sections called milestones. Each milestone contains a particular concept with evaluative questions, which makes learning a fun experience. 
  1. Videos – Learn at your own pace with 600+ hours of video lectures by Subject matter experts. During your revision slot, you can play videos of respective concepts and simplify your revision. A detailed explanation of concepts and numerical needs a special mention. 
  1. Question Bank – Practice as many questions as you want because Basidia has got 33000+ multiple-choice questions. You can save your time with Basidia since you need not search anywhere else for Questions from a particular chapter because Basidia has got everything segregated chapter wise. This even encourages you to practice the difficult topics and master them. A scorecard with analytics will be displayed at the end screen of each test taken so that you can evaluate your performance. From the same screen, you can scrutinize your performance and schedule a revision if required.
  1. Mock Tests – NEET Mock tests play a vital role in the process of NEET preparation. As we all know, NEET Mock tests are replicas of the real examination, which helps us to understand the exam pattern and it improves our time management skills.

    Our experts recommend our students attend at least a NEET mock test weekly. There are certain parameters that have to be followed while attending the Online NEET mock test series.
  1. Story Carousels – Many of you are active netizens and could have the experience of uploading/viewing Stories and Carousels on various social media platforms. Have you ever thought of combining it? We took an initiative to do that. Our new updated version allows you to navigate through various NEET relevant concepts from the launch page of our app. A swipe up icon can be seen at the bottom side, which redirects to the content linked to it. This can be used as a revision technique, as well as to learn a concept for your NEET exam.

Revision plays an important role while preparing for the NEET exam. Things will fall into place once you start following your preparation timetable and utilising the revision slots wisely. Success is when hard work meets smart work. The effort that you put while learning is your hard work while revision of the learnt topics is your smart work.

We always want to play a vital role in your NEET preparation stories and desire to extend our hands to elevate you from every difficult situation you face during your preparation. We look forward to the well being of our students who have put their trust in us. Our team of professional doctors, engineers, educators and various other experts are researching daily on implementing new learning techniques so as to make the process of learning easy.

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