Every year lakhs of students attend the NEET examination at different exam centres across the country. NEET UG is a test for admission to medical programmes at medical/dental institutes in India that are approved by the Medical Council of India/Dental Council of India.

To qualify for NEET or to be admitted to medical programmes at different institutes, students must score at least 50% on the test. The minimum qualifying grades for reserved category students are 40th percentile, whereas for PwD applicants it is 45th percentile.

Each subject will have two sections, Section A and Section B with 35 and 15 questions on each. Out of 15 questions from Section B, students can answer up to 10 questions and all questions in Section A is mandatory. Each correct question carries 4 marks and one mark will be deducted for each wrong attempt. It would be hard to avoid negative marks, but if you use the right way of answering you can avoid the negative marks.

Here in this blog, we will share with you the 7 steps to avoid negative marks in NEET 2022.

  1. Go Throught the Question Paper Thoroughly
  2. Be Confident but not Overconfident
  3. Avoid Attending Doubtful Questions
  4. Avoid Multiple Response
  5. No Guesses
  6. Don’t Stress Yourself
  7. Dont Waste Time

1. Go through the Question Paper Thoroughly

Reading question paper two or three times or going through it thoroughly can help you to get a better idea to deal with the NEET examination.

You might see similar questions from the NEET previous year question papers but there could be small changes in the papers that you might miss. So it is highly recommended to read your question paper carefully before answering.

2. Be Confident but not Overconfident

Being confident in the exam is appreciable. but, don’t overdo it and become careless while answering questions. It’s so common that some students become excessively pumped after going over the question paper, which can lead to silly errors and negative marks.

So, if you want to avoid negative markings and get a better result in the NEET exam, try not to be overwhelmed when taking the NEET test.

3. Avoid Attending Doubtful Questions

If you are unsure about a NEET question, do not attempt it. If you are stuck on a question that is taking up your time, skip it or try attending it at last.

If you rush through such NEET questions, there are high chances of marking wrong choices, which will result in negative marking.

Leaving unfamiliar/confusing questions rather than giving a false response is the sane approach.

4. Avoid Multiple Response

It is essential to read the NEET guidelines before sitting for the examination. Never choose two responses to a single question on the OMR sheet.

If you do this, whether intentionally or unwittingly, the entire question will be disqualified and this will result in negative marking.

Apart from this, check that the answer circles on the OMR page are neatly filled out and make sure that there is no overlapping.

5. No Guesses

It’s so sure that you’re all aware of the significance of the NEET examination and how cautious you must be when answering each question.

You should not try your luck by answering questions you don’t know.

You may feel that your answer sheet is incomplete and that you haven’t attempted many questions, but the best thing to do is to leave questions unanswered without taking a chance on them.

6. Don’t Stress Yourself

When a question paper is handed out to students in the exam hall, many of them become anxious about the questions they do not know.

This will have an instant serious effect on those candidates, and they may lose attention, leading to a poor result.

As a result, the first and most important task is to properly study the paper and begin with questions that you are familiar with.

7. Don’t Waste Time

Do not begin solving the paper by answering the most difficult questions. This will waste a lot of your time and you might not be able to finish your NEET-UG paper on time. As a result, all NEET candidates are advised to start their examination by answering easy questions and not wasting their time on unfamiliar questions.

Bottom Line

These are some general guidelines that all NEET applicants should follow before appearing for the NEET examination.

Maintain a positive and confident attitude.

Do not make the mistake of believing that you may obtain a high ranking by guessing answers.

NEET is a difficult entrance test, it is easy to achieve a decent rank if you prepare thoroughly and avoid silly mistakes.

Focus on your basics and prepare well. Hope you could earn a medical seat in one of the best medical colleges in the country.

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