Failure is the stepping stone to success. Humans learn from their mistakes and every success is craved from mistakes made. Talking about the NEET, the examination is highly competitive and tough. The only way to crack NEET is through proper preparation and hard work.

Implementing different strategies to your preparation can work wonders. Mock tests are one of the most proven strategies of NEET preparation. In fact, we could say the most effective strategy.

The NEET mock exams can help aspirants to get familiarised with the exam format. NEET aspirants can make necessary changes in their preparation method by analyzing the mock tests. It even helps the candidates to validate themselves.

Experts have said frequently that taking the mock test for NEET allows aspirants to improve on their weak areas.

How to Prepare for NEET using Mock Tests?

The NEET test will consist of 200 questions, 180 of which must be answered in 180 minutes. Time management is an important factor in NEET. Practicing with more and more Mock tests will help you in this. The mock tests are designed exactly the same as the real NEET examination. This helps in recreating actual exam day scenarios and improving preparation tactics. Let’s see how to prepare for NEET using Mock Tests.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the neet exam format
  2. Master the Clock (Time management)
  3. Develop Accuracy
  4. Boost your confidence

1. Familiarize yourself with the exam format

Since the mock tests are replicas of real NEET exams, Aspirants can gain a clear idea of the exam pattern by taking NEET mock tests. This helps you get into the exam mindset. Gaining a better idea of the exam pattern is definitely going to do miracles in the NEET examination.

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2. Master the Clock

Time management is an essential skill that needs to be developed. You must develop your time management skill to answer 180 questions in 180 minutes. Practicing mock examinations would assist applicants in developing an effective time management approach for the three sections and their sub-sections of the NEET exam. Kalpana Kumari, who secured NEET AIR 1 in 2018, believed in taking as many mock tests as possible in order to avoid repeating the mistakes.

3. Develop Accuracy

Regularly taking practice tests will assist students to improve their accuracy and reducing the impact of negative marking in the exam. Frequent mock tests can give students the feel and ‘pinch’ of negative marking. This will help them to improve their focus on exam preparation and even they can resist themselves from making the same mistakes again and again.

4. Boost your Confidence

Students gain a sense of achievement when they score well in practice examinations, which boosts their confidence. This even helps them to track their preparation and they can increase their familiarity with the exam pattern.

Methods to Practice with Mock Tests

Learn the tactics advised by professionals for completing mock tests and getting the most out of them below.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Mastering the vast NEET syllabus is more difficult than the test itself. Solving previous year’s question papers can help you in this case. NEET Previous year question papers can give you a good idea of the complexity of the NEET test. The use of previous year question papers for NEET preparation is strongly recommended by the country’s leading NEET specialists. Take at least 20 mock exams and past 15 years’ papers before the final test, and then analyse and improve your performance.

Attend Subject-wise Practice Tests Along with the Mock Tests

Basidia practise exams can be used to practise specific questions from a subject or topic in order to reinforce one’s understanding and gain competence. Solving mock exams on a subject/topic-wise basis would assist students in acing each subject separately.

Using Basidia you can create your own custom tests. The custom test is a feature in Basidia where you can choose the subject/topics and create a test of your own.

Self Evaluation

Evaluate your performance after each Mock Test. Rectify your mistakes and make sure that you are thorough with all the tested concepts. Evaluating your performance is the best method to make use of the Mock Test to the maximum.


  1. Attend at least one mock test on every two days
  2. Revise the concepts everyday
  3. Create a realistic Timetable
  4. Attend chapter wise practice test after completing each chapter
  5. Use high quality materials for mock test practice

The article above is written as per the recommendations and advice put forward by NEET experts and Previous year toppers. We recommend you use Basidia mock test series and custom tests for better results.

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