“I will prepare and someday my chance will come” Abraham Lincoln once quoted in his diary.  Students who wish to join the medical course will have to start working well in advance since no amount of time is sufficient for exams like NEET. 

As it is said “Start early, earn mostly” starting to prepare for NEET from class 10 is a pretty appreciable task to do. Even though the 10th standard syllabus is not required for NEET, starting your preparation early can help you a lot in cracking the exam.

The NEET examination is attended by around 15 lakhs students from all around the country and the number keeps increasing simultaneously with the competition. So your decision to start early is going to help you well in this. 

Tips to Prepare for NEET from Class 10 

  • Understand the syllabus
  • Prepare a study planner
  • Mark the high weightage topics
  • Collect as many as previous year question papers
  • Collect effective study materials
  • Segregate topics into  hard and easy 
  • Attend different Mock tests
  • Revise regularly
  • Be confident

NEET primarily tests your knowledge in science and that’s how the question papers are designed. 11th &12th classes are entirely different from the 10th standard, it’s a completely different world with different concepts and topics. It would feel like a transition stage, where you will be learning deeply about many concepts we had learnt in the past. Since the NEET is completely based on NCERT textbooks, it’s good to have a grip on it. Let’s briefly look at 9 tips to start preparation for NEET from class 10th.

1. Understanding Syllabus

The foremost tip is always paving a path to your aim. Imagine you are going on a trip to visit Tajmahal. You are from the southernmost state of India and it’s the first time you are planning a visit to North India.

So what are all things you will probably plan for? Journey tickets would be the first choice and apart from that, you will plan the stays and extra fun activities. Right? To plan these activities, the first and the foremost part you need is having a knowledge of different transport mediums and other activity places. Without an idea, you won’t be able to plan your trip smoothly.

The same kind of concept is applicable to NEET too. With a poor knowledge about what to learn and how to learn you could only add in worries and confusion. So, get thorough with the NEET syllabus

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2. Prepare a Study planner

A study planner is an integral part of NEET preparation. It gives discipline to your preparation. It helps you to have a track on your preparation. The NEET exam consists of four science subjects, Zoology, Botany Physics and Chemistry. You need to focus on these four and prepare your study planner accordingly. There are many ways to prepare a study planner.

SInce you are in 10th grade and soon going to attend your 11th and 12th classes, you have to prepare according to the portions your teacher finishes in your school. While preparing the study planner, you should make sure that an equal proportion of time is provided to each subject. After preparing your study planner, do take opinions from your friends or teachers. It will help you to make your study planner more precise and it would be good to seek opinions from some senior students who have attended the NEET exam, if possible.

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3. Mark the High weightage topics

Now you have the study planner and you are aware of the syllabus. The next part is segregating the topics according to their weightage. You can prioritize the topics according to their weightage and thereby decide to run your preparation in the way it benefits you. The topics which carry the highest weightage can be considered as important topics and you should dedicate more time to them. This helps you to avoid the last-minute mess and to score good marks.

Neet chemistry chapters weightage
NEET Chemistry Chapter Weightage
NEET Physics chapter wise weightage
NEET Physics Chapter Weightage
Neet biology chapters weightage
NEET Biology Chapter Weightage

4. Previous year question paper collection

Previous year question paper workout will give you a complete idea of the exam pattern as well as the type of questions that can be expected in the examination. This helps you to find out the number of questions asked from a particular topic and you can even recheck the weightage list you created.

Practising with previous year question papers will help you to improve your exam writing skills and as you know, more practice can ease your journey to your goal. You can get the previous year question papers with detailed solutions, from Basidia learning. The normal previous year question papers without the solution can be accessed from the internet.

The previous year question papers without solutions will consume your time more since you have to search separately for the solutions. The Basidia app saves a lot of time by bringing all NEET essentials under one roof. You can get detailed solutions to all the NEET relevant questions in the Basidia app.

5. Effective Study materials

Choosing study material for NEET will seem like an easy task to do but the truth is that it is the most difficult and hardest part. The Primary study material for NEET is NCERT textbooks. The NEET question papers are set according to the NCERT textbooks and if you are thorough with the NCERT syllabus, almost eighty per cent of your preparation is done. Even though NCERT is the main study material, depending on NCERT alone is not a wise idea and it is always recommended to follow other study materials too.

You can choose Basidia learning because we are the best NEET preparation app with the highest strike rate. In NEET 2020, 168 questions out of 180 were directly from our test series. Apart from Basidia, you can refer to other books too, there are certain books that are considered to be best for NEET. The below table gives you an idea about those. 

Physics Books for NEET Preparation

1Concepts of PhysicsH.C. Verma
2Fundamental PhysicsPradeep
3Objective PhysicsD.C. Pandey
4Problems in General PhysicsI.E. Irodov

Chemistry Books for NEET Preparation

1ABC of Chemistry for classes 11 and 12S.P. Jauhar
2Concise Inorganic ChemistryJ.D. Lee
3Dinesh Chemistry GuideP.N. Kapil
4Physical ChemistryO.P. Tandon

Zoology & Botany for NEET Preparation

1Trueman Biology Vol1 & Vol 2Tyagi & Goyal
2G.R Bathla Publications for BiologyBathla Publications 
3Dinesh Objective BiologyDinesh Publications
4Pradeep Guide on BiologyPradeep Publications

6. Topic Segregation

Segregating your topics into hard and easy topics can help you to concentrate more on the hard topics and invest your time accordingly. This would help you to cover the hardest topics first and thereby you will get enough time to revise your topics. The same segregation can be added to your study planner too. So that you can have a track on the topics you cover. 

7. Attending Mock tests

Mock tests are the best way to improve your exam writing skills. Mock tests help you to become a pro in time management and it gives you an idea about the examination pattern. Practising with a mock test can help you to have a good hand in answering the question in a limited period of time as well as it helps to have a thorough understanding of the type of questions that can be expected in the NEET examination. Always attend the full-length mock tests instead of subject wise tests. You can attend a mock test by clicking here 

Attend free mock test – Free Mock Test Series for NEET

8. Revise regularly

The syllabus of NEET is very vast and a lot of time is required to complete the whole syllabus. Memorizing the vast syllabus is tougher than you imagine. So this is the place where the revision comes to play. Revision is the main pillar of your preparation.

Make revision a real habit, because it helps you get thorough with different concepts and master them. Conduct revisions separately for each topic/chapter/unit you cover. Revision improves your memory skills and thereby you can avoid the recollection issue during the exam.

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9. Be Confident

Confidence is the foundation of all the activities. Confidence is the main constituent to success. Trust yourselves, believe that you can do this better than anyone and be proud of your talents. It needs a lot of confidence to attend an exam like NEET. If you aren’t confident enough, you might end up in anxiety and it can have a negative impact on your hard prepared topics. So be confident. 

When you are in 10th standard, it is a good time to start your NEET preparation but you have to give equal importance to your board exams too. It is important to give equal importance to school exams too. The main eligibility criteria to attend the NEET  exam is to gain an aggregate of 50 per cent marks in your 12th Board examination. 

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1. Is it a wise choice to start preparing for NEET from the 10th standard itself?

It’s a wise thing to do, as long as your NEET preparation doesn’t affect your school portions.

Can class 11 Students attend NEET?

No, the eligibility criteria of NEET-UG exams clearly says that the candidate must have appeared for 10 +2 exams from a registered board to appear for the NEET examination and a minimum aggregate percentage of 50% is required.

Are Class 10th marks important for NEET?

No, the class 10th mark is not considered in the NEET. The authority considers your class 12th marks only. A minimum aggregate percentage of 50, with majors as Physics, Chemistry and Biology along with English are the main eligibility criteria for NEET.

Can we crack NEET by doing self-preparation?

The answer completely depends upon the methods you use to prepare. If you are doing your preparations in the right way, you will definitely be able to crack the NEET exam by self-preparation. 

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