It is said that more than half the preparation of NEET is revision. Revisions are an unavoidable segment that has a lot to do with your NEET preparation. You all are aware that NEET is a highly competitive exam where 15 lakhs students compete for a limited number of medical seats. NEET is a tough competitive exam that needs a lot of hard work and practice to get through. 

A perfect revision note can act as a perfect tool in your preparation process and it helps you to practice & learn the concepts in depth. Most of the students will prepare a well-organised revision note than the hefty books because it’s revision notes that always scores in certain areas, especially in last-minute reading. 

Thorough preparation is mandatory for an exam like NEET, where lakhs of students compete for a limited number of medical seats. If the NEET preparation is divided into different segments, the preparation of notes becomes an unavoidable section. Here in this blog let us see how revision note preparation helps you to gain a good score in your NEET examination.

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Importance of note-making for NEET

1. Time-saving

Notes preparation helps you in time-saving. Referring to different materials in a short time to find a concept would be time-consuming and confusing. If you have a provident notebook carrying all important sections from different study materials, you can make your studies easier. 

2. Good engagement with mind

It helps you to increase the engagement between your mind and Ear. Listening carefully to an important topic and jotting down the important points can help you to remember the concept at ease. 

3. Keeps you Focused

Focus helps you to work with determination and the note preparations help you to focus on the important topics for which more time needs to be invested

4. Helps you to build up a strategy.

Note preparation helps you segregate the key points into hot and cold, this helps you to build a strategy where you can decide how much time to be spent on a particular topic and you can also keep a deadline to complete the same.

5. Last-minute revisions

The prepared notes help you to have a last-minute reading in a short span, which could help you to have a quick grasp. 

6. Improves Memory Skill

Reading through the notes would help you improve your memory. Note making is found effective especially for those questions which are based on memory recalls.  

How to make effective revision notes for NEET?

1. Must contain appropriate syllabus

The notes should be based on the exact NEET syllabus and don’t mix it with the board exam syllabus. Even though the syllabus is the same, the NEET needs to be treated differently. 

2. Make notes after completing each topic

Important points and concepts should be added to your note list after completing each topic. Many of you might have the tendency to note down the points after having a short glimpse but understand that is a wrong method. Making notes before starting the chapter would lead to adding irrelevant content and it can have a bad impact on your preparation.

3. Not Just copying

Instead of copying the exact sentences from the textbook, always reframe and write. So that you would be able to have a better understanding of the topic. It is always advisable to break complex sentences into simple sentences because that would make you understand the concepts by doing a quick read. 

4. Separate the Subjects

Jot down the notes for each subject on separate pages. Mixing up different contents might make you confused and that can spoil your last-minute reading as well as the revision.

5. Use Highlighters 

This is a kind of discipline and the most vital part of the preparation of the notes. Mark the important points with highlighters of different colours, this is the simplest and most effective way to identify the most important points. This helps you to recognize the important content in an easy manner.

The competition and participation for the NEET exam increase each year.  A well-prepared student can easily crack the NEET exam in the first chance itself. Always work with dedication and determination, we hope you could crack the NEET and gain your dream medical seat.

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