You asked for it and we are here with it. Ever since the new exam pattern for NEET 2021 was released by NTA, we saw you rushing to find a source with the updated exam pattern. Basidia has always understood the needs of students and are always within their reach.

Hence, for the first time ever we are here with the New Pattern NEET Mock Test Series which are curated as per the latest NEET exam pattern. We want to acquaint you with the new pattern so that you get used to the pattern and can clear your path towards your dream medical seat.

New Exam Pattern for NEET Exam:

As per the prospectus released by NTA, 

  • The Test pattern of NEET (UG) comprises two Sections. Each subject will consist of two sections.
  •  Section A will consist of 35 Questions and Section B will have 15 questions.
  •  Out of these 15 Questions, candidates can choose to attempt any 10 Questions. So, the total number of questions and utilization of time will remain the same.
New pattern mock test for neet 2021
New pattern mock test

The pattern for the NEET (UG)-Examination for admission in the Session 2021-22 is as follows:

Basidia’s New Pattern Mock Test Series For NEET 2022- A Quick Walkthrough

  1. Total number of questions included in a mock test = 200. Maximum number of questions to be attempted = 180.
  2. Total time = 180 minutes.
  3. Biology is split into Botany and Zoology with equal weightage.
  4. Each subject is divided into two sections namely, Section A and Section B.
  1. Section A contains 35 questions and Section B contains 15 questions. A maximum of 10 questions can be answered in Section B.
  2. Detailed analytics will be displayed once the mock test result is announced, which includes a rank predictor
  3. The mock test review segment gives you an opportunity to analyse the entire test wherein detailed solutions for each question are given.

As the authority has changed the NEET exam pattern, we are here with the updated version of our mock tests, where we have created new mock tests series as per the new pattern where all four subjects have 35 questions in section A and 15 questions in section B. The other conditions of the NEET exam, including the timings, are exactly followed in our test series.

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The detailed analytics with a rank predictor will be displayed at the end of each completed attempt. This rank predictor, helps you to understand where you stand among your peers. There is a review section, where you will be able to review your mistakes and this segment is an opportunity to get detailed solutions for each question. 

How to Attend Basidia’s New Pattern NEET Mock Test 2022?

  • Log in to Basidia using your username and the password 
  • Tap on the mock test icon on the home screen 
  • Another page with the list of mock tests will open.
  • Click on the mock test you want to attend.
  • As shown in the below image, an instruction card will appear with all the details of the mock test in it.
New pattern mock test for Neet
  • Read the instructions and other details carefully. Since Basidia’s Mock Tests are exactly the same as the NEET originals, once started the timer cannot be paused for the next 3 hours. 
  • Keep pen and paper ready to solve numerical problems.

    Take a deep breath and tap on the start button. Your test starts now. 
New pattern mock test for Neet
  • Your test screen would look like the above image, where you will be having a question with the necessary image and the relevant answer will be given in the list of options just like the NEET exam. You can tap on the correct answer and click on the next option in the down-right side of your screen for the next question.
  • On the top left side, just above the question, you can find the subject and the respective section.
New pattern mock test for Neet
  • The star icon at the down-left side of the screen allows you to mark the question for review.
  • The four squares at the bottom left helps you to have a look at the complete test pattern as shown in the below image
New pattern new mock test
  • The below image shows the complete question pattern where you will be able to see all the question numbers in the test and the questions marked for review will have a star icon shown on its square.
New pattern mock test for Neet 2021
  • The drop-down options at the top left corner of the screen allow you to navigate through the different sections of the test as shown below in the image. Each square shown here is the representation of questions and you can redirect to the desired question under the desired section in a single tap. This can even be used to revisit the question which you have already answered.
New pattern mock test for Neet 2021
  • As the term denotes, the rectangular button with the text ‘Submit Test’ allows you to submit your test and on tapping the submit test you will get an option to redirect to the review section.

This is how you can attend Basidia’s NEET 2022 patterned mock test hassle-free.

Rank Predictor: Once the mock test results are announced, you get detailed analytics wherein a rank predictor for NEET 2022 is also included. You can get to know where you stand among your peers and put in more hard work to ensure your dream career. You also get an opportunity to know the chances of getting a seat in a particular college.

Tips to make the most out of  Basidia’s  Mock Test.

  1. Always attend the exam at a full stretch
  2. Consider the mock test as a real-time NEET exam and attend it carefully. 
  3. Since the NEET exam is a time-based examination, we have provided a dedicated timer that counts down from 3 hours. Always have an eye on the timer, it will increase your time management skill. 
  4. Never take breaks in between the test. Remember you won’t be able to take breaks in between NEET examinations, the same has to be followed here too. 
  5. Make use of the review option since it helps you to rectify your mistakes. 

Benefits of Taking New Pattern Mock Test Series for NEET 2022

1. Familiarisation of the Exam Pattern

Mock tests are prepared in such a way that it resembles the exact exam pattern. NEET comprises a total of 180 questions. There are 45 questions each from Physics and Chemistry. Biology comprises 90 questions. Familiarisation with the NEET exam pattern is a must since it would help you to plan well for the exam. 

2. Different levels of questions

One can expect different levels of questions for NEET. There could be easy questions that could come directly from the NCERT textbook, at the same time there could be questions of higher-order thinking level. Students should be well versed in both extremes. Attending mock tests helps in exploring the different levels of questions that could come up for the NEET.

3. Develops time management skill

NEET being a time-bound exam, it is important to keep track of time during the exam. Time management skill develops only with practice. There are a total of 180 questions for NEET and the total time is 3 hours i.e 180 minutes. This means that one would have just 1 minute per question. Spotting the easier questions and solving them quickly would save time. This talent of spotting the easier questions would develop only if you attempt mock tests.

As NEET is a time based offline exam, it is very important for the NEET aspirants to attempt 20 -30 odd mock tests by simulating the exact exam pattern within the allotted time frame. This will help the neet aspirants to analyze how much time they should spend on each question based on the difficulty.

4. A great way of practice

Attempting a mock test is one of the greatest ways of practice. One would get to revise the entire NEET syllabus. Mock tests usually consist of 180 questions. So attempting a mock test daily would expose students to 180 different questions on a daily basis. This itself is an effective method of practice and revision.

5. Helps in performance analysis

The main advantage of attempting a mock test online is instant results and feedback. Based on the scores obtained in mock tests, one can assess the effectiveness of NEET preparations. Every mock test attempted should be considered as a chance to improve. Identifying the mistakes and making a note of the same would help avoid the same mistakes in the future.

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The introduction to NEET 2022 new pattern mock test ends here. Mock tests are an integral part of NEET preparation and our experts suggest you attend mock tests frequently. 

FAQ About New Pattern Mock Test for NEET

How many mock tests before neet?

As NEET is a time based offline exam, it is very important for the NEET aspirants to attempt 20 -30 odd mock tests by simulating the exact exam pattern within the allotted time frame. This will help the neet aspirants to analyze how much time they should spend on each question based on the difficulty.

What is NEET Mock Test?

NEET Mock Test is an all-inclusive Test including questions from Botany, Zoology, Physics & Chemistry, simulating the real neet exam which helps the neet aspirants to get familiarise with the exam pattern, improve time management skills, different level of questions and helps understand their own weakness and strengths

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