NEET examination is around the corner and it is so sure that all of you are ready with the portions and waiting to face the NEET examination. Many of you might be anxious about the NEET examination procedures. NTA has released complete instructions. Here in this blog,  let’s have a quick look at the do’s and don’ts for NEET Examination.

NEET Exam Timings

  • Entry to the exam hall begins at 11:30 AM
  • The last permitted entry to the exam hall will be at 1:30 PM
  • Guidelines explanation by the invigilator will be from 1:30 to 1:45 PM
  • The distribution of booklets will be at 1:45 PM
  • Candidates can fill in the details in the booklet from 1:50 PM
  • NEET examination will start at 2 PM
  • NEET examination will end at 5 PM

NEET Exam Pattern

  • Total exam duration: 3 hours
  • Total number of questions: 200
  • Total marks: 720
  • Type of questions: MCQ
  • Marking Scheme:
        a) Each correct answer: +4 Marks
        b) Each wrong answer: -1 Mark
  • Eaxm mode: Offline (pen-paper)

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 Do’s in the NEET examination hall

  • Stay calm and Silent
  • Be vigilant and listen to the invigilator’s instructions
  • Ask your doubts to invigilator only
  • Read the set of instructions clearly
  • Attempt the easy questions first and the tough ones towards the end.

Don’ts in the NEET examination hall

  • Don’t try to talk with anyone other than your exam invigilator
  • Don’t arrive at decisions without reading the instructions properly
  • Don’t waste more time on tough questions. You can tackle it at the end of the test.
  • Don’t look here and there unnecessarily, even if someone says hai.
  • Don’t get stressed out. Be confident
  • Don’t try to leave the examination hall during the examination hours.

Do’s Before the day of NEET exam

  • Have light and healthy diet
  • Get proper sleep
  • Revise the concepts.
  • Go for an evening walk or else just walk around the garden of your house
  • Talk with your family, sit back and relax

Don’ts before the day of NEET exam

  • Don’t try to study new concepts in the last moment because it might increase tension
  • Don’t go into an argument with anyone, it can spoil your mood.
  • Don’t spend too much time on movies or TV shows. It would be good if you could avoid the visual entertainment sessions.
  • Avoid long journeys.

Do’s on NEET exam day

  • Reach the exam centre early
  • Have a light diet on the examination day as well
  • Read your prepared notes
  • Be calm and don’t get tensed
  • Be confident

Don’t s on NEET exam day

  • Don’t think too much about the difficulty level of examination.
  • Don’t lose confidence.
  • Don’t talk to your fellow students unnecessarily 

Dress Code Guidelines for NEET Exam

Candidates must follow the dress code specified by the NTA, failing to do so can bar you from attending the examination.

Dress code guidelines

  •  Avoid long sleeve dresses
  • Shoes are prohibited, wear slippers or sandals instead
  • Candidates who choose to wear a customary dress in accordance with their religious beliefs should report to the exam centre at 12:30 PM.

What to carry in NEET exam hall?

  • Print out of Admit card
  • Passport size photograph
  • Valid ID proof
  • 50 mL sanitiser bottle
  • If you belong to the PWD category do carry your PWD certificate 

What not to carry in NEET exam hall?

  • Any kind of papers other than Admit card and ID proof.
  • Items such as calculator, writing pad, pen, ruler, pencil pouch/box, pen drives etc are not allowed.
  • Any kind of electronic items such as camera, electronic pen, Smart glass etc.
  • Any communication devices such as mobile phones, pagers, Bluetooth gadgets etc are not allowed.
  • Wristwatches, nose pin, wallets, handbags, caps, ornaments  etc are not allowed

General instructions to follow for NEET Exam

  • It is necessary to go through the security processes. As a result, candidates are advised to cooperate with security staff.
  • Don’t carry any banned or restricted items with you.
  • The NEET exam admit card must be carried by the candidate, together with valid ID proof and a passport-sized photograph.
  • Candidates will not permitted to leave the exam room prior to 5:00 p.m.
  • The authority will be recording your video and candidates are advised to sit erect and face the video camera when it approaches.
  • Candidates should keep in mind that the attendance sheet must be signed twice.

The pandemic has hit our country terribly. As a good citizen and a better human being, do follow the covid protocols. Use sanitiser, mask and follow other covid precautions. We wish you all the very best for your NEET examination. Do well.

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