NEET is definitely a tough exam that needs a lot of preparation and hard work to get through. Many of you might have thought about it and decided to drop a year for cracking the exam easily. The lack of confidence is the main reason which leads you to arrive at this decision. 

The truth is that if you are ready to invest your time, and plan your preparation under proper guidance you will be able to crack the NEET at the first attempt itself. Think about the students who had cracked the NEET examination at their first chance. If they can do it, then you too can do it.

Taking a year drop for your NEET preparation means you have to go through similar preparation and concepts for an extra year. Furthermore, this can be stressful as well. Again, if you have future plans for higher studies like a Masters Degree or PhD, you may not afford to lose a whole year. So, dropping one year can go against such plans.

Pressure from all the corners is the most vital point under the disadvantages of dropping a year which needs to be addressed on priority. As with any other matter, this has its own pros and cons that needs to be discussed. Let us list out the cons below for you. Read it thoroughly and arrive at a wise decision.

Disadvantages of dropping a year for NEET

  • You are losing a year and technically you are going to use that year for repeating the activities that you already practised in the previous year. 
  • Losing connection with your peers might push you into stress
  • Dropping a year to prepare for succeeding in the next year is enough reason for pressure.
  • A year completely planned for self-preparation needs a lot of focus and time investment. Due to the repeated procedures, there are chances for you to flip from the track. 
  • Maybe your parents might not understand the intention behind your decision and this might bring more difficulties to your head. 
  • You need to be facing questions from people around you and this can also be another turn off during this period.
  • Increase in the number of applicants every year is another disadvantage. The competition level increases and this will make it harder for candidates to get a good rank.

Dropping a year for getting good scores in the next year cannot be considered a wise choice since the future is unpredictable, so the systems and exam pattern changes every year without prior notice.

Scenarios which leads you to dropping a year for NEET

  1. Unable to score good marks this year.

This is the main reason for which many candidates decide to drop a year. For an exam like NEET it doesn’t matter how much we score but where we stand among the others is a factor. Getting fewer ranks might make you feel a little diminished. In this case, a candidate can opt for dropping a year but do remember its disadvantages.

  1. Couldn’t prepare well due to health difficulties/ other personal matters.

Even though our technology has improved a lot on its own, Accurate prediction of the future is something beyond our control. You wouldn’t be able to do anything in this case.

Consider the case of a pandemic, it arose at the start of 2020 and many candidates missed their NEET exam after getting infected by the infamous virus, which captured the daily routines of people all over the country.

In this kind of situation, the candidates won’t be having any other go rather than dropping a year since these are some scenarios out of your hand. 

  1. It’s the first time you are facing an entrance exam.

Highly competitive entrance exams come with a hefty syllabus and not all of you can complete the syllabus on time, it might take months for some to complete the whole syllabus and get thorough with it. Considering the NEET this can’t be called a valid reason to drop a year, since the NEET syllabus is completely based on NCERT textbooks.

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These are some commonly heard scenarios as a reason for dropping a year.

Disadvantages of Dropping a year in NEET – In Brief

1. Losing a year

Dropping a year for your NEET preparation means you have to repeat the same concepts, strategies and preparations for an extra year. Moreover, this can cause more stress. If you have future plans to pursue higher studies like Masters and PhD or some government examinations, then you should not lose a whole year for the NEET Preparation alone.

2. Make you feel Quarantied

Your friends might crack the NEET exam and maybe some of them would join some random courses/colleges for their higher studies & become busy with their daily routines.

There is a day-night difference between NEET and College and they will be busy with hefty topics and other college activities. Mayhap they would answer your calls but at times they could be busy with their academics.

3. Focus and Time investment

Focus and time investment are the first paces of NEET preparation. One year full you need to focus on your preparation procedure full-hearted dedication. Maybe this could lead to missing family functions or get-togethers and many fun activities that could entertain you in one way or other.

This could lead you to feel down and affects your focus severely. If you are not able to focus well on your aim, definitely choosing a drop can bring you nothing else but loss.

4. Stress & Pressure

 Many parents might not get the intention behind your decision to drop a year. This would lead them to question you. As days pass, the number & frequency of their questions increases and you might not be able to handle it. This leads you to immense pressure and stress. So you must make the parents agree to your decision. Apart from your parents, you might even face questions from your teachers and other family members. Some might call it a wrong decision and fallacious arguments may occur. All these scenarios can cause the stress to pile up so is the pressure.

5. Rapid jump in competition

The number of candidates appearing for NEET increases year by year this increases the competition too. There are chances for the authority to update the syllabus as per the changes in NCERT, which can lead you to confusion. Most of these changes are announced before three or two months of the NEET exam, giving you pressure and demotivating you. The fear of facing the exam since you are prepared with the old syllabus will be the next thought that would worry you. 

By reading these many points, you might have understood the problems you will be facing after taking the decision to drop a year. The main issue here is the pressure you are going to experience after taking a decision to drop a year. The questions from different sides will fuel the tension and pressure. These factors might affect you very badly and you might end up in depression and stress.

We recommend you to prepare well for the NEET exam and crack it at your first chance itself. NEET is a tough exam, but it would be the easiest exam you ever attended in your life if you are treating it wisely. Prepare with a high-quality learning platform like Basidia and follow simple tips & tricks said by experts, you are in.  A perfect strategy along with an effective study planner and effective study materials are enough to crack the NEET at your first attempt. Now the choice is all yours to make your decisions wisely.


I wasn’t able to prepare well for the NEET this year, So I am planning to drop out this year and attend the exam next year. Is it a good choice?

You haven’t attended the exam and you’re just taking decisions before writing the exam. You don’t know whether the exam will be easier for you or not. This is the problem faced by many students. The lack of confidence is the reason behind this. Be confident, don’t skip the exam and drop a year thinking that you won’t get through. NEET is based on the NCERT syllabus and you use NCERT for your board exam. So definitely you are going to show some performance for NEET.

What are the chances of cracking NEET in two months?

Three subjects constitute the NEET question paper. You need to be thorough with all these three subjects. A proper study planner would help you in this case. Draft a study planner and grab some effective materials for your preparation, It will increase your chances.

What is the major disadvantage of dropping a year for NEET?

The main disadvantage is the tension and pressure you are going to experience after taking this decision. The questions that arise from different sides will destroy all your confidence and boosts the stress and you might end up in depression

Is it bad to drop a year for NEET?

Yes, dropping a year is not at all a good decision to make, unless you have some health problems that bar you from attending the exam.

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