NEET examination is around the corner and it’s time for last-minute revisions. The revision procedure includes attending mock tests, working out previous year question papers and even attending topic wise practice tests. The last-minute revisions can contribute a lot to your NEET examination but not without a strong conceptual base. A strong conceptual base must be gained at the early stages of preparation itself. 

What is Crash Course for NEET?

NEET crash courses are short period courses that summarize the whole NEET syllabus in a short span of time. The NEET crash courses help the NEET aspirants to have a better and proper conceptual idea. This is usually attended by the students who missed their regular preparation course and this can be considered as a short time preparation method. Short term courses like crash courses are more effective for the students who have a thorough knowledge of the NEET concepts

Is the Crash course enough for NEET?

No, crash courses alone are not enough to crack the NEET. NEET is one of the most difficult exams in India. The vast syllabus of the NEET examination makes it difficult for the students to get through. The enormous participation increases its competition level and makes it tougher than your imagination. The only way to crack NEET with good marks is hard work.

Benefits of NEET crash courses:

  1. An effective revision method: It’s a quick and effective revision method that helps you understand better what you have already learned. Many of you might have experienced memory issues while preparing for the NEET examination. These kinds of issues are very common among students. Joining a crash course could help you to revise the whole topics that you have learnt completely and this can improve your memory skills since you are revising already prepared topics.
  2. Covers the whole syllabus: The crash course will cover all the topics and concepts that come under the NEET syllabus. For covering all the topics they would be applying different strategies and shortcuts. This can help you master the shortcut techniques, which can be later used in the NEET examinations. Apart from this, there are chances that you would have missed some concepts, this crash course can give you an idea about it and you would be able to prepare that too.
  3. Regular Mock Tests and Chapterwise practice tests:  Mock tests and Practice tests can improve you a lot. These kinds of texts give you an exact idea about the exam pattern and the type of questions that can be expected in the NEET examination. The extra skills such as time management, answering speed etc can be improved with the help of different tests and these tests could help you to realise the weaker topics and you can invest more time to work on it.

How can you choose a good crash course?

  • Have a thorough check on the crash course study materials so that you will get an idea about the coaching process. If it can meet all your requirements you can definitely go for it.
  • Check for the faculties that conduct classes. Most of the institutes use to hire popular faculty for conducting crash courses. It would be easy for you to run a quick check on their classes.
  • Check for the reviews from previous year students and of course, you can also search on the internet for the assessments from students.

    Following these three steps, you can identify the best and genuine crash course for you.  

What can be done instead of joining a crash course?

Crash courses are usually costly and not everyone can afford them but if you are very much persistent about the crash course you can have effective alternatives for it. The best alternatives for crash courses are

1. Ful length Mock Tests

Full-length mock tests are tests that are exactly the same as the original examinations. Attending a mock test daily can help you to have a grip on exam patterns and time management. The wrong answers can be marked and you can work on it later. You can access the NEET new pattern mock test from basidia.

Attend Free Mock Test – Mock Test Series For NEET 2022

2. Chapter wise Practice tests:

This is a great way to learn the concepts in deep roots. At the end of each topic attend a practice test on that. This can improve your performance in the NEET examination.

3. Revisions:

Daily revisions is another alternative for the crash course. Conduct revisions on daily basis, the revision is the best way to improve your conceptual knowledge. It is always recommended to attend a regular course rather than attending the short term programs like crash courses. The syllabus and the exam pattern of the NEET examination needs a lot of hard work and long term practice in order to score well. We expect our students to implement wise and effective strategies for their preparation. 

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4. Working out previous year question papers:

This is a great way to have a thorough knowledge of exam patterns and this helps you to find out the important topics, the type of questions you can expect etc.

If you are looking for the best alternative for the NEET crash course then Basidia Learning will be the best choice for you. Click the given link to download our App –

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