It is known that the NEET examination requires a lot of hard work. The NEET comprises class 11 and 12 NCERT syllabus.

The broad syllabus and less time to cover could be difficult to handle. As a result, a majority of students avoid certain chapters, in order to finish the NEET syllabus on time.

This leads to the accumulation of backlogs in their studies. Let’s look at how to manage these backlogs and get their preparation back on track As a result, a majority of students avoid certain chapters, in order to finish the NEET syllabus on time.

This leads to the accumulation of backlogs in their studies. Let’s look at how to manage these backlogs and get their preparation back on track.

What is the Backlog?

Backlog is a normal term that refers to the accumulation of unfinished or slacked syllabus. Backlogs form when a student finds a chapter difficult and postpone it for a number of days. As a result, there forms a backlog, which is a huge strain for NEET aspirants.

How to Clear Backlogs in NEET Preparation?

Here are some points that will assist you in clearing the backlogs of NEET preparation on time.

1. Make a List of all NEET Backlogs

The first step is to create a list of NEET Backlog Chapters. This is a good start because it will help you in analysing your backlogs. This will provide you with an insight into all pending work and chapters

2. Make a study schedule that includes specific time for backlog topics

Begin by creating a daily schedule once you have a list of chapters that need to be studied to clear the backlog.

The daily schedule should be practical and should assist you in clearing out your backlogs on time. 

Divide your time daily between current studies and backlogs. Devote at least 2–3 hours per day to clear your backlog and make sure that you don’t compromise on the ongoing chapters. You have to be consistent with your study schedule.

3. Make sure that you won’t be delaying anymore chapters

Continue your regular studies and don’t skip any current topics. Focus on the regular studies, even if the backlog topic is base of the current topic you are studying.

Reserve the extra time to cover the backlogs, It should be according to your NEET timetable.

Remember not to sacrifice your regular studies in order to finish the leftovers, because that can cause more burden.

Don’t forget to prepare notes , since it is a great way to be thorough with the NEET concepts. 

4. Stay calm and Don’t get tensed

Fear or panic is a common occurrence for all students and is experienced by almost all NEET aspirants.

The key factor now is how early you recognise your backlogs and begin working on them.

The earlier you recognise your backlogs and begin working on them, the easier your studies will be. So don’t wait, start today itself.

5. Set goals and these goals should include your new syllabus as well as the backlogs

Setting goals is a great way of learning and by seeing the result you would be surprised at the end.

Let’s see how to set a target.

Create your daily goals as -“I’ll be finishing the complete theory part of this chapter by today evening”.

Now you have a plan so, break down the NEET chapter and allocate time for each concept and finish it on time.

By evening you will be able to complete the chapter as well as the target you set will be achieved.

6. Increase your study time

Add extra time to your NEET Timetable, this helps you to finish the topics calmly without rushing.

Keep in mind that It’s not only new chapters but you have to cover the backlogs too.

The additional time can be utilised for thorough preparation and revisions.

7. Reserve all Extra Time for Backlogs

Increasing study time is already there on our list of agendas. This extra time can be utilised more on covering NEET backlogs.

So that your regular studies won’t get affected and you would be able to finish all your portions on time.

8. Regular Revisions

Revisions are the backbone of thorough NEET preparation. It allows you to learn the NEET concepts in the deep roots.

You can conduct NEET revisions after completing your daily targets. You can use chapter-wise practise tests and NEET Mock tests for revision purposes.

9. Don’t fall for distractions

Distractions are the major reason that caused you backlogs, so don’t make the same mistake again. Stay away from distractions like TV series, movies, social media etc.


How to cover NEET class 11 backlog in class 12?

In class 12, dedicate 70% of your time to class 12 topics and 30% to class 11 topics in order to clear your backlogs on time.

How do you cover a 2-month backlog?

Prepare a plan, break down the topics and conquer it. A well-prepared preparation plan can help you in this.

Is it possible to crack NEET if I start now?

If there was ever a time to begin preparing for the NEET, it is now! Any further delay may result in backlogs

How do I clear my NEET backlog?

The only way to clear your backlogs for NEET preparation is to take 2-3 hours out of your daily schedule.

Can I clear NEET if I have wasted 11th?

Yes, you can easily crack NEET even if you have poorly prepared the class 11 syllabus. Begin with your most important topic and move your preparation according to a timetable.

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