Once a dream will always be a dream until it comes true. NEET being a highly competitive exam, students find it difficult to crack NEET in their very first attempt. It may not be possible for some students to drop a year for NEET preparation alone and they might opt for other courses.

Among those opted courses, BSc is a course that most of them choose. Even when they get into a different college and an entirely different stream, students will still have their unfulfilled dream of becoming a doctor.

In this blog, we will see if it is possible for BSc students to crack NEET.

Is it possible for BSc students to crack NEET?

Yes, a BSc student can conduct NEET preparation along with the studies and crack the NEET examination easily. But, there are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration. Let us have a look at each of the factors: 

1. The subject opted in BSc

NEET consists of 50 questions each from Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. If you want to crack NEET it is always advisable to be in touch with the NEET syllabus. If you opt for Physics or Chemistry at the BSc level, chances are high that you can score better in Physics and chemistry for NEET but your biology scores would be less if you don’t revise biology on regular basis. Regular practice is essential to crack NEET even when you are doing a BSc.

2. Time management

You should be efficient in managing time. Once you are into college, you would have priority works in college which need to be done on time. You will have regular internal assessments, seminars, assignments, and lots more. Amidst this busy schedule, you should find time to prepare for NEET too. 

3. New friend circle

The phase from school to college is a transition phase. In college, you would find everything new. You will find people from different places with different thoughts. It would take a while for you to adjust to the new atmosphere. You must make sure that you don’t deviate from your path.

Strong determination is very essential. You might see your friends enjoying their leisure time but you will have to dedicate your free time and extra time to NEET preparations.

4. Hold onto NCERT

If NEET is your ultimate aim, you should revise NCERT textbooks daily. Prepare notes, formula sheets, and lots more. Regular revisions would help you recollect the concepts in a better way. Once you are into college, you will have a lot of textbooks and reference books to refer to and prepare for your semester exams. Along with those books, you should find time for NCERT too.

5. Semester exams

Since you are preparing for the NEET exam you cannot completely ignore your college exams. Cracking NEET is a chance but passing your semester exam is obvious if you put in little effort. It is essential that you prepare well for your semester exams too since you can have BSc as a backup if at all you are not able to crack NEET.

6. Co-curricular activities

College is the place where you will have plenty of programmes organized by different departments and clubs. If you are not a NEET aspirant, you would have plenty of time in enjoying co-curricular activities. Being a NEET aspirant, you would have to sacrifice all those good moments. Soon after classes get over, you need to rush home and start studying.

7. Dealing with stress

Students often find it difficult coping up with stress. Stress from college and family would be so terrific that you would just want to run away from everything. It is at this point Basidia can help you. Basidia has all the NEET essentials under one roof.

All you have to do is download Basidia and start enjoying every bit of your preparations. You need not run in search of books and previous year question papers because you will find all that you need for NEET preparation in this app. You can try out various measures to cope up with stress.

8. Keep yourself updated

You should keep yourself updated with all the NEET-related notifications. Have a track of the application release dates and make sure you are preparing according to the latest pattern released by the NTA. Keep an eye on the examination schedule so that you can prepare accordingly.

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How to prepare for NEET while doing BSc

  • Have a well-drafted timetable for your NEET preparations.
  • Take into account the time you spent in college. For example, if you have college from 10 am to 4 pm, you cannot allot that time slot for your NEET preparations.
  • Keep a tag on your college exam schedule. It might be difficult for you to spend too much time on NEET preparations when you have college exams.
  • Revise Physics and chemistry formulas for NEET on daily basis. 
  • For Biology, always be thorough with NCERT textbooks.
  • Take breaks in between so that you don’t get stressed out.
  • Mingle with your friends whenever you get time. You should not think that you have lots to study and don’t have time to mingle with friends. It is only when you have social interactions, you would feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Keep yourself away from envious people. There would be people to demotivate and discourage you. All you have to do is avoid such people, keep calm and move forward.
  • Utilise all your holidays for NEET preparations.
  • Try to complete all college-related writing works such as writing practical record books and assignments in college itself whenever you get a free hour. 
  • For college exams, collect previous year question papers and be thorough with the answers. This could save you a lot of time and this will avoid the stress before semester exams. Around 75% of questions for college exams are from previous year questions.
  • Do not mix up NEET preparations and college exam preparations. College exams are mainly subjective while NEET exam is objective. You should never compromise your habit of doing 1 MCQ per minute.
Can I prepare for NEET along with BSc nursing?

Yes, It is possible to crack NEET while doing a BSc nursing with strong determination and hard work. You should be focused enough to handle both college studies and NEET preparations.

Can I do MBBS after BSc without NEET?

No. Admissions to any medical course are completely based on the scores of the NEET examination.

Can we give NEET exam 2 times?

Yes, You can take NEET exam as many times as you want.

What is the age limit for NEET?

The candidate must have reached the age of 17 and the decision on upper age limit is still pending. So, all candidates above 17 yearsof age are eligible to attend the NEET examination.

Is maths compulsory for NEET?

Eventhough the Physics have numerical questions, Maths is not considered as a criteria to apply for NEET examination.

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