Yes! An average student can easily crack the NEET exam provided to certain conditions such as hard work, proper guidance and applying different strategies.

Most of the students have a misconception that they belong to the category of below-average students. These kinds of thoughts are the main villains of your life. So keep away these complexes from your mind and start believing in yourself because if not you, who else can bring perfection in your matters.

Less scores in practice tests shatter confidence

Getting fewer marks in NEET mock exams or other practice tests are very common among the students. Even the toppers would be scoring less in third party exams since those are made in a difficult way to train students to face tough exam situations. So consider the less scores in such third party exams as your stepping stone to success. 

What are the main factors that affect your preparation?

  1. Not having a proper plan for the preparation
  2. Lack of guidance from experienced mentors
  3. Lack of conceptual knowledge
  4. Poor understanding of concepts
  5. Non-yielding study materials
  6. Misconceptions about the topics

How can an average student crack NEET?

The most vital point to keep in mind is that you must not consider yourself as an average student. The thought of being an average student can drain the potential in you and can make you feeble. Determination and Consistent hard work are the two main resources behind success. Confidence is the integral factor that fuels both of these. If you can imply effective plans and strategies into your preparation, you will automatically get reverted to success.

Tips for an Average Student to Crack NEET

  1. Prepare a study planner including all the topics and subjects. Segregate each according to its weightage and importance.
  2. Revision is a mandatory section of NEET preparation so conduct regular revisions after the completion of each topic.
  3. Focus on your time management skills and numerical question solving ability.
  4. Seek help from teachers and previous year students in different matters such as choosing the study materials.
  5. Always prefer high quality study materials. 
  6. Prepare notes comprising important concepts after the completion of each topic.
  7. Try solving as many PYQs to improve your flexibility with different types of questions.
  8. Attend mock tests very frequently. Always opt for full mock tests rather than the chapter wise tests.
  9. Practice as much as you can because it’s practice that improves abilities.
  10. Set daily targets and accomplish them without any negligence.
  11. It is said that self validation is the best validation. Write review notes on your preparation everyday, so that you can make yourself better. 
  12. Invest your hard work smartly. 
  13. Be confident and Be positive. If they can then surely you can

We advise you to follow these steps to make your preparation faster, easier and effective.

We are there to support you in all your ups and downs. Have faith in yourself, be confident and start preparing with Basidia. You are going to reach your goal in no time. We wish you all the best. 

Always remember that you are a perfect student, not an average one.

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