The availability of free, high-quality, and educational videos on YouTube is an addition to modern learning environments. Educators and students agree that web videos are a great teaching & learning tool. The nicest thing about YouTube videos is that they can be integrated seamlessly into a wide range of educational systems, particularly online education. Youtube learning is a new trend in education that gives students an interesting way to learn and grasp complex concepts and subjects.

YouTube has emerged as the most popular study source among NEET candidates. Many NEET experts have their own channels on Youtube, where they conduct free classes for the aspirants. Even many NEET coaching platforms are also providing the same through their youtube channels. In this blog, we will examine the 10 top YouTube Channels for NEET-UG 2022 preparation.

Benefits of using Youtube channel for NEET Preparation

Before starting with the list of best youtube channels let’s have a look at the benefits of following youtube channels for your NEET preparation.

  1. Zero Cost – Most obvious advantage of using YouTube as a study resource is that it is completely free.
  2. Easy to Use – YouTube can be accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is a consistent and dependable internet connection.
  3. Wide Variety – There are multiple channels available for the same content and this will help you to grasp the concept thoroughly. even you can choose the best teacher for you.
  4. Accessible from Mobile Phones – YouTube videos can be viewed on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc.Whether the screen is small or wide, videos on YouTube can be watched flawlessly.
  5. Save Videos – Studnets can download the lecture videos and these videos can be saved on their devices. So that it can be accessed offline at your convinient time.

Best Youtube channels for NEET Preparation

Basidia Learning

Basidia’s live classes are conducted by NEET experts. They have more than three faculties for each subject. This helps the students to choose their favourite teacher. These interactive live sessions are completely free and anyone who has a working internet plan and a device can easily attend the daily live classes.


  1. Minimum three faculties per each subject
  2. Instant doubt resolving.
  3. Exam focused special classes.
  4. Classes on dialy basis
  5. Previous year question paper discussion.
  6. They have a well crafted NEET preparation app
Best youtube Channel for NEET Preparation
Basidia Youtube Channel

Click here – Basidia Youtube

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is one of the greatest YouTube platforms for NEET preparation, with over 6.23 million users. All of the NEET subjects are covered in the channel’s tutorials by their NEET experts. There is a good fan following for their live classes.


  1. Lectures in more than 36 languages
  2. Interactive sessions
  3. Professional faculties
  4. Promotes personalized learning formats
  5. Instructional Videos

Click here – Khan Academy’s youtube channel

NEET Prep NEET Preparation

Over 5000 people have purchased their online video courses. Over 566K people have subscribed to the NEET Prep Channel. As a result, the channel is India’s most successful online video coaching platform. The channel also offers a mobile app.

Highlights of NEET Prep

  1. Professional Teachers
  2. Provides online video courses
  3. Exam special sessions
  4. Interactive sessions
  5. Subject-Wise classes

Click Here – NEET Prep Youtube Channel

Akash Digital

It was founded in 2012, and the total number of subscribers to this channel is 291K. The channel has a wide range of videos on exam-related topics that are professionally taught by the Akash Faculty.

Highlights of Akash

  1. E-Book Facility
  2. Experienced Teachers
  3. Conducts Quizzes
  4. Flash Card Facility
  5. Student- Friendly classes
aakash youtube channel

Click Here – Akash Digital Youtube

EtoosIndia Education

Over 1.26 million people have subscribed to the Etoos Education India YouTube channel. The channel covers nearly every topic scheduled for the NEET 2021 Entrance Exam. There are also Chapter-Wise Video Lecture Classes provided.

Etoos India Youtube Channel

Click Here –EtoosIndia youtube channel

Exam Fear Education

This channel contains 5600 NEET UG Preparation courses. Over 1.14 million people have subscribed to the LearnoHub channel. This YouTube channel contains video courses on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology that can be used to prepare for the NEET.

Highlights of Exam Fear Education

  1. Result Focused sessions
  2. Subject-wise classes
  3. Professional Faculties
  4. Completley Free
  5. High quality classes
learnhub youtube channel

Click Here – Exam Fear Education Youtube

Unacademy NEET

Unacademy NEET is India’s largest free education organization. High-quality instructive videos are available on the channel. It offers free video courses, live classes, weekly quizzes, mock tests, and expert advice. The Unacademy Channel was founded in 2015 and has approximately 929K subscribers.

Highlights of Unacademy

  1. High-quality classes
  2. Weekly Quizzes
  3. Conducted by Experts
  4. Free Classes
  5. Interactive Sessions
unacademy youtube channel

Click Here – Unacademy Youtube


Byju’s is a well-known teaching and learning platform in India. It started its adventure in 2017. The classes accessible on their YouTube channel will assist you in preparing for the NEET in the best way possible.

Highlights of Byju’s

  1. Free classes
  2. Flash card facility
  3. Professional Teachers
  4. Exam oriented sessions
  5. Exam analysis

Click Here – Byjus Youtube Channel


Misostudy’s NEET preparation lessons are quite beneficial. You should absolutely try this channel to acquire the most advanced lectures and many other benefits. They have a well-organized study strategy. Academic advice and assistance are accessible in a variety of formats.

Highlights of MISOSTUDY

  1. Expert Classes
  2. Question Paper Analysis
  3. Special Sessions
  4. High Quality Classes
  5. Interactive Sessions
miso study youtube channel

Click Here – MISOSTUDY youtube channel


Vedantu is accessed by over 35 million users each month for free via its app and website. Its YouTube channel has 65 million views, the most of any educational company in India. Vedantu is also available to students via specialized channels on Airtel TV and TATA Sky.

Highlights of Vedantu

  1. Interactive classes
  2. Test series and analysis
  3. Doubt solving sessions
  4. Personal mentor
  5. Notes
Vedantu Youtube channel

Click Here – Vedantu Youtube Channel

Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah is a low-cost coaching solution that includes elements such as Test Series, Quizzes, Live Classes, Special Courses, and many more. Mr. Alakh Pandey conducts live lectures through his youtube channel for free of cost. He has a huge fan following among the NEET-JEE students.

Highlights of Physics Wallah

  1. Free classes
  2. Exam special sessions
  3. Expert guidance
  4. Topic wise assignments
  5. Question paper analysis
Physics Wallah youtube channel

Click Here – Physics Wallah Youtube channel

NEET Preparation Tips

  1. Make sure your fundamentals and concepts are solid.
  2. Try to practise and solve every issue that is confusing or tough for you.
  3. Make a list of the formulas (for physics and chemistry) and brief terms (for biology).
  4. Practice online mock tests as well as previous year question papers. This will help you improve your time management and accuracy.
  5. Use Basidia App for your NEET preparation.

What Experts Say

Watch any lecture videos that influence you and prepare for the exam accordingly. There is a huge infinite list of NEET preparation channels available on youtube. The best way to crack NEET is to put your best into the preparation. Along with the video lectures, you must work out the previous year’s question papers, different MCQs, attend mock tests, Conduct regular revisions, etc.

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