The NEET is a kind of examination that needs immense preparation. The best way to crack the NEET examination is by implementing top preparation methods and by using high-quality study materials. Study materials play a major role in NEET preparation so always pick your materials wisely. Preparing with the right study material enormously boosts your preparation.

There are numerous great books for NEET available in the market, both offline and online. Choosing the correct NEET study material, on the other hand, becomes important. In this blog, we have gathered a subject-by-subject list of the finest NEET study materials.

Mode of ExaminationOffline (Pen and Paper mode)
Duration 3 hours
SectionsPhysics – 50 Questions Chemistry – 50 Questions Zoology- 50 questions Botany – 50 Questions
Total Number of Questions200 Questions (Candidates need to answer any 180 questions)
Total Marks720 Marks
Marking SchemeCandidates will get 4 marks for each correct answer and one mark will be deducted for each wrong choice.

Best Study Materials for NEET

The NEET syllabus is based on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology NCERT curriculum from Classes 11 and 12. Candidates must also check topics not covered in NCERT books but covered in the state board curriculum. Before starting with the best study material for the NEET exam, let’s have a look at the NEET syllabus.

Best study materials for NEET Physics

The theoretical part of physics is much easier to learn. The numerical part is very complex and each year the difficulty level of Physics increases. As a result, it is critical to practice as many numerical equations as possible. The finest NEET books listed here are in sync with the NCERT books, which means that applicants can solve objective-type questions from the NEET study material for the ideas covered in the NCERT books.

1. Concepts of Physics, part 1 and 2: H.C, Verma

Dr H C Verma wrote “Concepts of Physics,” which was published by Bharati Bhavan. The book is divided into 2 parts. The first volume is focused on mechanics, waves, and optics, while the second volume is dedicated to thermodynamics, electromagnetic, and current physics. Students like the book because of its broad content, simple language, clear concepts, good problems, and lack of errors.

Concepts of Physics Part 1 and 2 by HC Verma

2. Fundamentals of Physics: Halliday, Resnick, and Walker

David Halliday, Robert Resnick, and Jearl Walker composed Fundamentals of Physics, a calculus-based physics textbook. It has been widely used in colleges as part of undergraduate physics courses for decades and is well known among school students.

Fundamentals of Physics cover.png

3. Objective Physics for the medical entrance examination (volumes 1 and 2): D.C. Pandey

Objective Physics Volume 1 & 2 have been developed to function as a self-study guide for physics for CBSE NEET and numerous other national and regional medical entrance examinations, with the best accessible collection of objective problems through which students can master the fundamentals of Physics.

Buy Objective Physics for NEET - Vol. 1 2021 Book Online at Low Prices in  India | Objective Physics for NEET - Vol. 1 2021 Reviews & Ratings -

4. Physics MCQ: D Mukherjee

The book is designed for students taking the IIT-JEE/NEET and other entrance exams. It contains a huge number of multiple-choice questions, as well as a distinct chapter on numerical problems, practice worksheets, and suggestions and solutions to tough questions.

Physics Mcq : Deb Mukherji: Books

5. NCERT Exemplar Class 11 and 12

NCERT Exemplar Problems-Solutions PHYSICS 12th : Arihant Experts: Books

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Best study materials for NEET Chemistry

It is common for students to place minimal focus on preparing for the Chemistry section. This would eventually lead to stress immediately before the exam, which would result in a low score in this part. The NEET Chemistry section carries a weightage of 25% in the NEET test, which should be kept in mind at all times.

Candidates should cover all three areas of the subject, Organic, Inorganic, and Physical, in order to prepare for NEET Chemistry. It is recommended that you begin with the Mole Concepts section of Physical Chemistry because it will serve as the foundation for the subsequent chapters, and then go on to the chapters about atomic structure.

1. Physical Chemistry: O.P. Tandon

Physical Chemistry is made simple and appealing by OP Tandon (Physical Chemistry) for students preparing for competitive exams. Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon is a must-have for anyone studying for Medical/Engineering admission exams.

2. Oxford’s Organic Chemistry: Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves

Organic Chemistry, which has been inspiring and motivating students since its publication, has established itself as the students’ preferred organic chemistry text in just one edition. Its explanatory, mechanistic, evidence-based approach is ideal for developing a thorough understanding of the subject.

absysNET Opac Universidad de la Laguna | Organic chemistry, Clayden organic  chemistry, Chemistry education

3. Concise Inorganic Chemistry: J D Lee

Concise Inorganic Chemistry is perfect for those who want to study Inorganic Chemistry in more depth and properly comprehend the fundamentals of each concept. It is a compilation of theoretical text; rather, the information presented in the book is supported by proper reasoning or experiments.

4. MTG’s Objective NCERT at your fingertips: MTG Editorial Board

Objective NCERT at your fingertips – Chemistry; is a one-of-a-kind book that allows you to learn NCERT at your pace. This book was created with the idea that the majority of the questions asked in PMTs/pets are from Chemistry NCERT books (11th and 12th). It provides chapter-by-chapter, student-friendly synopses for quick and easy revision of key topics, topic-by-topic MCQs aligned with the NCERT curriculum to assess your progress.

5. Modern’s ABC of Chemistry of Classes 11 and 12: S.P. Jauhar

. The book has been extensively reviewed, revamped, and prepared in accordance with the most recent C.B.S.E. syllabus and guidelines. To make the book learner-friendly, the textual information has been provided in a systematic and sequential manner that is easily comprehensible by the learners. Each chapter of the book provides illustrative investigation, solved NCERT Textbook exercises, solved NCERT Exemplar problems, and supplementary practice tasks in addition to thorough coverage of the material.

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Best study materials for NEET Biology

Zoology and Botany are included in the NEET 2021 Biology syllabus. As a result, the Biology curriculum should be given more importance. To get into a good government college, aspirants should aim for a score of more than 320 on the NEET Biology section. Topics must be prioritized according to their importance and frequency, and a suitable preparation procedure must be devised.

1. Objective Biology (volumes 1 & 2): G.R. Bathla

it is a complete book for class 12 students interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in medicine. It corresponds to the most recent syllabus established by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, providing students with comprehensive coverage of the areas covered.
It has a thorough collection of both answered and unsolved questions.

2. Biology Classes 11 and 12 (Volume 1 & 2): Pradeep Publications

3. Objective Biology (Volume 1, 2, and 3 along with Practice Papers):Dinesh Publications

4. A-Class Book for Botany: A C Dutta

It is a popular botany textbook that familiarises students with Latin and Greek technical and scientific phrases, allowing them to learn the subject of terminology more readily. It covers comprehensive botany courses taken at the pre-university, intermediate, pre-medical, and higher secondary levels, with themes addressed based on recent research.

Best Online Study Material for NEET 2023

Basidia is the best app for NEET-UG preparation because our content was curated by professional doctors, engineers, and subject experts. After the analysis of the previous year’s question papers and pre-medical exam patterns, we also follow a strict NCERT syllabus to ensure your time is spent only on meaningful learning.

Despite the fact that there are numerous study resources available on the market, Basidia takes a unique approach to the NEET examination. The NCERT textbooks help you to cover the NEET syllabus completely and the other materials mentioned above can help you to practice the concepts thoroughly. Basidia is a place for quality education and effective practice sessions. The features of Basidia are very innovative and student-friendly. Compared with the books, Basidia can give you the best outcome.

How Basidia helps you to crack the NEET examination

  • Smart preparation with Keys
    A methodologically prepared summary of high yield concepts from each chapter is chosen and prioritised, allowing you to revise rapidly. The keys are totally based on NCERT textbooks and are divided into three different categories called

High Frequency: Frequently Tested concept

Medium Frequency: Tested at times

Low Frequency: Rarely Tested concept

  • 34000+ NEET MCQs
    Over 3,000 NEET MCQs with detailed solutions, methods, hints, and mnemonics. Curated to provide you with adequate practise to tackle any type of MCQ in a real test. The extensive image bank assists you in visualising and learning each idea. Another advantage is a well-defined collection of previous year MCQs.
  • Best Revision Segment
    Revision is an essential part of our preparation because it allows students to validate themselves. With timely revision, the concepts can be stored in your mind for a long period. Basidia offers a revision scheduler that allows students to plan their revisions based on their success on the app’s mock tests.
  • Simulate NEET-UG exam
    Mock tests are used to simulate the NEET exam. Mock Test is a thorough examination that includes questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This test will give you an idea of the types of questions that will be asked, the exam style, and the marking scheme, and the scorecards issued at the end of the mock test will show you where you stand in comparison to your peers.
  • Guidance from Experienced Mentors
    Basidia features a wide range of lecture classes in which concepts are thoroughly explained by experienced faculty. Over 700+ hours of video lectures given by expert faculty using a combination of graphics and videos.
    Apart from this Basidia conducts daily live classes. You can improve your NEET preparation by attending free interactive daily live sessions on all four subjects led by NEET specialists. These live classes are completely free and can be accessed directly from Basidia’s youtube channel.
  • Today’s Concept
    Learn one new NEET concept each dayis the basic idea behind this. One NEET relevant concept from each subjects will be updated in the app on daily basis. You can grasp the bulk of NEET relevant topics by focusing solely on Today’s concept.
  • Custom Tests
    Now, based on your preparation, build your own tests. Basidia allows you to create your own mock tests by selecting the topics to test. This feature helps you to be thorough with the concepts deeply and make you exam-ready.

Bottom Line

NEET examination needs a lot of hard work and immense preparation. You should have the determination and the solemn dedication towards your preparation. We have mentioned all the high-quality study materials for NEET and we hope this blog would help you to choose the finest study material for NEET.

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