Arthur C Clarke a famous British fiction writer once said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic”. The pandemic has brought the world upside down and the adaptability of humans is once more proven. From meetings to Groceries everything has become digital and we all depend on various technologies for our needs.

Especially the country’s educational field including schools, colleges, coaching centres etc adopted online classes to coach their students. The sudden shift in education also witnessed a pique in the use of different online preparation apps and online learning platforms.

As we all know the NEET exam is a nationwide exam. Due to the pandemic scenarios, NEET aspirants have started depending on various NEET preparation apps instead of offline coaching centres. Technology had a huge impact on our education, we have many learning apps & online learning platforms which bring our favourite topics to our fingertips. 

Why Online Neet Preparation is better than Offline?

NEET Preparation apps & Online Educational Platforms are totally changing the way students prepare for NEET exams. More than 15 lakh students appear for the NEET examination yearly. Most of them would prefer attending online or offline coaching classes before it.

But what happens in offline coaching centres is that students sit as a group without even getting proper guidance from their mentors. But NEET preparation apps & online platforms have brought a change to it.

Advantages of Online NEET Preparation App

  • NEET Preparation apps are more cost-effective than offline NEET coaching classes.
  • No need to worry about NEET UG reference materials, notes etc because everything is digitalized and well organized
  • Students can prepare for NEET in the comfort of their homes.
  • Students don’t need to travel long distances to attend NEET Preparation coaching classes

There are Many NEET preparation apps out there but only a few among them are worth your time, money and deliver quality NEET content which they promised to and one such app is Basidia Learning.

Why Basidia is the best app for Neet preparation?

Basidia is the best app for NEET-UG preparation because our content was curated by professional doctors, engineers, and subject experts. After the analysis of the previous year question papers and pre-medical exam patterns, we also follow a strict NCERT syllabus to ensure your time is spent only on meaningful learning.

We believe there should be no barrier to your learning, not even time or place. So you can start where you left, anytime, anywhere across all the platforms

We also believe in fair play and no students should be at disadvantage because of the inability to afford quality content. So we offer a subscription that is pocket friendly and valuable for your time and money.

Here we will be discussing some features which make Basidia unique from other NEET preparation apps.

1. Smart preparation with Keys

The capsule form of each concept in the syllabus is put together in the form of keys. Keys are further categorized into hot, cold, and warm based on the analysis of the previous years’ question papers. It can also be interpreted as Hot topics are frequently tested topics, Warm topics are occasionally tested topics, like once in two years or three years or so and cold topics are rarely tested topics.

2. 33000+ NEET MCQs

All the contents are purely based on the NCERT syllabus and the explanations are curated by the latest NEET syllabus more you practice the expert you become. As mentioned at the start the Basidia has an enormous collection of multiple-choice questions with a detailed explanation, which helps the students to learn the concepts deeply. Students can practice 33000+ MCQ’s with detailed solutions and the app contains the last 10 years NEET questions with neat explanations and 15000+ images for deep understanding.

3. Revision segment

Revision is a vital part of our preparation it helps the students to validate themselves. The Concepts can be retained for a long time in your memory with timely Revision. Basidia has a revision scheduler that allows the students to plan their revisions according to their performance on Mock tests they attend from the app.

4. Simulate NEET-UG exam

Simulate NEET exam in the form of mock tests. Mock Test is a comprehensive Test including questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This test will help you to get an idea about the type of questions that will be asked, the exam pattern, and the marking scheme and the scorecards generated at the end of the mock test will help you realise where you stand among your peers.

  • NEET new Pattern Mock Tests

NTA has brought changes in the NEET exam pattern. The Question paper will have optional questions but the number of questions, that needs to be answered will be the same as before. Soon after the announcement from the exam conducting authority, we have included the Mock Tests that are made in the newly announced pattern of the NEET examination.

5. Guidance from Experienced Mentors

Basidia has a pretty good collection of lecture classes, where the concepts are explained in detail by experienced faculty.  Over 600+ hours of video lectures by experienced faculties where the concepts are taught with a combination of images and videos. Learn at your own pace with video lectures.

6. Story Carousels

This is an innovative concept developed by the Basidia team. It gets updated daily, where the NEET relevant topics are updated in different frames with a swipe up option at the bottom side. The swipe ups redirect the users into the respective contents.

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7. Dark Mode

It is a display setting, that most of you are familiar with. The dark mode works by reducing the amount of light emitted by device screens, keeping the minimum colour contrast ratios. This not only saves your battery but also reduces eye strain, especially in low light. Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, it’s worth giving it a try.

8. Video Lectures

Our experienced faculties have built a comprehensive video lecture library with over 600+ hours of academic content. You can watch these according to your study schedule. Apart from the pre-recorded classes, interactive daily live sessions are conducted on our youtube channel.

Basidia is your ideal companion for NEET-UG preparation. The application is designed to encourage and prepare candidates for the NEET-UG examination. Developed by a team of Doctors and content curated by a group of subject experts make Basidia a perfect NEET Preparation app to crack the NEET exam. Success is when Hard Work meets opportunity so consider Basidia as an opportunity and ensure your success in NEET-UG.

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