A study planner or timetable is a vital part of your preparation. By referring to a study planner you can validate your study activities and it helps you to have track of your whole preparation process. It will guide you through all the topics and portions in depth. Creating a study planner would be time-consuming for many students since the NEET portions are too bulky for segregation. So we are here with an all-embracing study planner, exclusively made for NEET 2022 aspirants. 

Points to be noted

  1. Experts say that effective NEET preparation always takes place with a neat and dedicated plan. Consider this study planner as the plot for your preparation and input the hard work and dedication into your preparation because it is hard work that matters always.
  2. Our experts had done long research on all the NEET tracks and prepared a list of important topics so that you can input more time on that for doing an effective, thorough preparation.
  3. Hot topics come next in the section as the name hot denotes, these topics come under the title “do or die”. These topics are must-learn portions for the upcoming NEET exam.
  4. Revisions are an integral part of the preparation. Revisions can be considered as practice, and implementing revisions will improve your answering skills as well as the exam knowledge. There are different types of revision methods available on Basidia. You can utilize the special revision features, including neet mock tests, practice tests, chapter-wise MCQs, etc along with a dedicated revision scheduler after each test. 

50 Days Study Planner for NEET 2022

The first step to your ambitious career starts here. There are three subjects for NEET: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. On average, in the first week, you are expected to invest a total of 8 hours daily into preparation. These 8 hours can be divided into 3 hours for subject I, 3 hours for subject II and 2 hours for practice. You can find the subject-wise daily planner in the below table. Under each chapter is given the related practice test which you can find in the Basidia App so that you get to solve all the related MCQs from the respective chapter.

By the end of the week, on the 7th Day, a mandatory revision of 4 hours and a full-length mock test(3hours) must be completed. The remaining 1 hour can be used for analyzing and understanding the mistakes you made on mock tests and other practice sessions. This helps you to evaluate yourself and understand the concepts of wrong choices you made. The same can be followed for the second week as well.

Week 1 of NEET 2021 Study Plan
Week 2 of NEET 2021 Study Plan

After two weeks, you would be having a complete idea about the preparation strategy you are following. The third week can be considered the second step to your dream medical seat. A total of 9 hours must be spent every day and by the end of the week, a dedicated revision of 8 hours must be completed. The revision part helps to increase your memory skill.

Week 3 of NEET 2021 Study Plan

The fourth week of preparation is here and so is the third step to your aspiration. From this week onwards you should be raising your preparation time to one more hour. A total of 10 hours a Day must be utilized for preparation and don’t forget about the practise tests because it’s a practice that makes you perfect. The same should be followed on your 5th week as well and by reaching the fifth week, you must be thorough with 85% of the topics. 

Week 4 of NEET 2021 Study Plan
Week 5 of NEET 2021 Study Plan

The sixth week is here and now you are just weeks away from the NEET and two more steps close to your dream.

Week 6 of NEET 2021 Study Plan

The last and final week is here. Now you are just days away from the NEET and one more step close to your aim. 

Week 7 of NEET 2021 Study Plan

The preparation for 49 Days ends here and from the 50th Day onwards you can exclusively plan for attending the Mock Tests. Daily 2 rounds of Mock tests are recommended till the 11th of September 2022 and September 12th, 2021 will be your much-awaited NEET exam.

Following this timetable, even an average student can crack the NEET exam.

Always note that hard work and dedication are the basement of success. Work hard, dedicate yourself, we are ready to extend our hands whenever you feel like reaching to us. Your dream is our responsibility. We hope this would bring innovative changes to your preparation and we wish you all the best for your NEET exam dear future doctor. 

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