While physics may be a tough subject for many students, Basidia NEET aspirants found physics to be pretty easy in this past NEET UG 2022 paper. The NEET UG Physics weightage this year emphasised on mechanics and electricity. That means that NEET UG aspirants planning to take the exam next year should be thorough with these topics and spend more time practising MCQs in these topics. With Basidia students can learn to study smarter by using a study approach that more effectively utilizes their time. Studying the most frequently asked questions, topics, and concepts can greatly increase your chances of scoring higher and obtaining your dream medical seat! 

With many of the NEET UG 2022 questions appearing from Basidia, many students found themselves confident while attempting these questions. Students studying from Basidia, having mastered our qbank, would have scored 156 out of 180 marks- that’s almost 87%! Click below to see all the questions on NEET UG 2022 that have related questions in Basidia!

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